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Before MeToo, a cycle that has been consecrating women in jazz for 20 years

One of the most recognized cycles of the local jazz scene turns 20, The Ladies of Jazzin La Dama de Bollini, bastion for countless artists who passed through this space that welcomed both singers with a career and those who were beginning their artistic path.

So, nothing better than celebrating this anniversary singing. Guadalupe Raventos, Ludmila Fernandez, Fernanda Lanza and Luciana Di Risio form Sister In Jazz, a group of vocalists that produced this show that will include Laura Hatton, Jennifer Griffith, Denise Izaguirre and Carla Perrucci for the four saturdays in september.

Raventos, Fernández, Lanza and Griffith met with Clarion in Bollini’s Lady. They agreed that little by little the local scene is recovering its usual rhythm after the closure caused by the pandemic. There is no shortage of proposals, nor are there any new faces.

Sense of loneliness and projects

Lanza, Raventos, Fernández and the American Jenn G, in La dama de Bollini.  Photo Lucia Merle

Lanza, Raventos, Fernández and the American Jenn G, in La dama de Bollini. Photo Lucia Merle

“The exit from the pandemic left us with a feeling of loneliness that led us to form this group of singers to be able to develop a comprehensive proposal of styles and voices”, said Lanza. The group debuted in November of last year at Bar de Fondo Cultural and then participated in the festival for the centenary of the birth of Charles Mingus.

Along with the Sisters In Jazz proposal, the singers have their own projects.

“I am in the mastering stage of my next album Something and Unusualdedicated to the music of Sergio Mihanovich (1937-2012), with Dante Picca on piano, Diego Lutteral on drums and Ezequiel Dutil on double bass”, commented Raventos, who does not yet have a release date.

Lanza continues to present his work One, an album with standards, some Brazilian music and pop with swing arrangements. “My next project is an album with compositions in a more traditional line,” added the singer.

Fernández, in addition to continuing to present the material from his latest work, Blossom In Swingan album recorded with guitarist Rodrigo Agudelo, has two proposals for his live performances, on the one hand, a repertoire of Cole Porter and its historic classics and on the other, the recreation of the music performed by the singer Carmen McRae.

The particularities of the cycle

The cycle contemplates for each Saturday of September a host singer and a guest. The hostesses are the Sisters In Jazz who, at the end of each of their sets, invite the rest of the group to close the night.

“The idea is to interact with each other, both with the Sisters and also with the guests,” said Fernández, who along with Raventos participated in the first cycle of Las Damas del Jazz, in 2002.

For his part, Lanza said “No two shows are the same, every Saturday will have its own dynamic. There are different vocal crossings in search of giving a particular atmosphere to each night”.

“The idea is to share the stage. Each one of us brings her music and that enriches the Sisters’ proposal”, added Raventos.

Ready to sing: Lanza, Fernández, Reventos and Jenn G will do their own shows and invite other women.  Photo Lucia Merle

Ready to sing: Lanza, Fernández, Reventos and Jenn G will do their own shows and invite other women. Photo Lucia Merle

On your side, Jennifer Griffith, born in New Yorkis a relatively new face for the Buenos Aires jazz scene where he has been based since 2019.

“When I was in my 20s I saw a movie about Buenos Aires that made me want to get to know the city and today, I can say that I feel comfortable in it”, pointed out this pianist and composer, researcher and essayist of the work of Mingus, who shows a particular entrepreneurial profile.

Indeed, last April he organized a festival for the centenary of the birth of Charles Mingus, at the Teatro 25 de Mayo.

Griffith or Jenn G (as her stage name) is an environmental activist; in 2001 she presented a paperback opera about Bill Clinton, Dream President, at the 2004 VOX theater in New York.

“Now I am organizing for the first days of November together with the double bassist Pablo Motta, the Day of the Double Bass, which I hope will have the same strength as the previous festival dedicated to Mingus”, said this singer who met Sister In Jazz at that festival. .

For her appearance at La Dama de Bollini, Jenn G will present a repertoire of hard bop, with compositions by Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers.

The Las Damas del Jazz series began in July 2002 and, in addition to Fernández, Raventos and Hatton, featured Delfina Oliver, Grace Cosceri, Deborah Dixon, Marisol Otero, Barbie Martínez, Romina Fuchs, Rosario Ortega, Gabriela Beltramino, Vanesa Harbek, María Butini, Macarena Robledo and Sonia Kovalivker, among others.


Saturday 4: At 8:30 pm, Denise Izaguirre and at 10:30 pm, Luciana Di Rissio.

Saturday 11: At 8:30 pm, Fernanda Lanza and at 10:30 pm, Laura Hatton.

Saturday 18: At 8:30 p.m., Ludmila Fernández and at 10:30 p.m., Carla Perrucci.

Saturday 25: At 8:30 pm, Jennifer Griffith and at 8:30 pm, Guadalupe Raventos.


Las Damas del Jazz performs every Saturday in September, starting at 8:30 p.m., at La Dama de Bollini, Pasaje Bollini 2281. Tickets $1,300 per show, with a subscription of 2,000 for the two shows on the same night.


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