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Becca Tilly Says Has Gained Weight After Going Public With Hayley Kiyoko Relationship (Exclusive)

Becca Tilly’s relationship with singer Hayley Kiyoko has been known to her close friends for four years. Still, the 33-year-old has come from going public with the relationship. bachelor A feeling of alum relief.

“We’ve had an open relationship with everyone around us, it wasn’t just social media and the public being open,” Tilly told ET’s Deidre Behr at the launch of JoJo Fletcher’s own captivating swimsuit line. “It’s made me feel so much lighter. And I didn’t know how much lighter I’d feel. It’s been great; a load off the shoulders. And like that’s got the support and love in the best way possible. I’m just so grateful to everyone.” someone who knew and they let us go [announce] On our own time.”

Last month, Tilly took to Instagram and confirmed the relationship. Tilly received support from Bachelor Nation in the comments section, including Colton Underwood, the former Bachelor who came out as gay last year.

The video came on the day Kiyoko celebrated the premiere of her new music video, “For the Girls,” at Mickey’s in West Hollywood. At the event, the 31-year-old singer confirmed her romance with Tilly, who tells ET that so many people have reached out to her, saying they can relate to her experience.

“I’ve got a lot of messages from people who have said they are very related to my story,” she said. “I realized it’s a lot bigger than me. I was always like ‘what are people’s reactions going to be’? And I think after dealing with all the support and love like now, it gives me the chance to be that person. who can help other people going through the same thing, and navigate and embrace such a big part of ourselves who we are and who we are. And being able to tell a love story Which people probably haven’t seen before.”

Tilly said she and Kiyoko have talked about next steps (moving in together? Marriage?!) but for now they’re focused on enjoying being in the public eye as a couple. .

Fletcher, one of Tilly’s BFFs, gets emotional while discussing Tilly’s loving relationship.

“There is nothing that makes me, and I get emotional thinking about it, she is such a wonderful human being and there is nothing that makes me happier than to see me share the love that we have.” There is a rift between him and Haley every day,” Fletcher told ET. “They’re gorgeous together.”

After pointing out how passionate she became to discuss Tilly’s relationship, Fletcher, who recently didn’t bond with Jordan Rodgers, explained why.

“I love lovingly,” she says, “and I love that my best friend finds that love and feels finally supported in it.”

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