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Because of Coco Levy? Talina Fernández announces that she lost her job: “they sent us to the club”

Talina Fernandez, the Lady of the good saying, is going through difficult times regarding the labor issue. And it is that the television presenter told that the program Blah Blah Blah! It will no longer be possible, as it came to an end after the lack of support from a sponsor. visibly moved He talked about the end of this project that he had together with his son Pato Levy. Is it because of the controversy surrounding his son Coco Levy, accused of alleged abuse?

It was through her official Instagram account where Talina Fernández announced the news about her work life and the program Blah Blah Blah! that she was driving with her son Pato Levy.

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This in the middle of a show publication that brought forward the end of his project due to the scandal surrounding his son Coco Levy after being accused by several women of alleged violence.

Visibly moved, Talina Fernández said that they took away the program she had with her son:

“Friends, this always happens, they took away the radio program that allowed me and my son Patricio to be in contact with you, because he already sent us to hell and we no longer have the program Blah Blah Blah!”, he indicated.

He mentioned that it’s all because the sponsor “cracked”, even though they had a lot of fun doing their job:

“We had a lot of fun and it allowed us to be close to you and touch on topics that interested you, but you see that ‘money is a powerful gentleman’ and how the sponsor gave up, because then they no longer wanted to pay us,” he added.

For this reason, Talina regretted this situation and mentioned that she still has a lot to give and share with her audience:

“No way, I want to be in contact with you, I still have life and I have a lot to share and Patricio my son has much more. God bless you, kisses”, concluded Talina Fernández.


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