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Bebe Rexha and Jimmy Allen on being ‘American Idol’ mentors after first audition (exclusive)

Bebe Rexha and Jimmy Allen are returning to their roots. ET’s Lauren Zima spoke to musicians at Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa in Kapoli, Hawaii, where the pair were serving as mentors. American IdolYears later he auditioned for a singing competition series.

“It’s hard, ’cause I think we really care about future generations of music of all genres,” Allen said of his mentoring gig. “I think the time we put in now can really help shape them as an artist, where they continue the legacy of making great music, whatever the genre.”

Both Rexha and Alan know what it’s like to be on the show, breaking into the Top 40 the year Alan auditioned.

“2000. Season 10, the year Scotty McCreery won. I made the Top 40 that year,” Allen said of his Season 10 experience.

“Oh, I didn’t make anything,” said Rexha, laughing.

As far as navigating what Allen said he’d tell this year’s contestants American Idol Process? “Enjoy it.”

“I would just tell them to enjoy it,” he shared. “Don’t really look at it as a competition.”

Allen continued, “It’s a learning experience, you know what I mean. Make the best of this opportunity, ’cause I told her [Rexha]I said look, you’ve been given this platform that’s millions of people watching and they made it into the top 24, so they actually made it to perform live, so it’s not really about impressing me It’s not even really about impressing the judges, it’s about you slowly fanning out with your every performance and getting to know you as a person in interviews, but through your performances. I know you as an artist.”

Rexha, on the other hand, said that she wants to give contestants tips that they can take with them after the signing contest is over.

Rexha explained, “It depends on who the contestant is, some contestants are working on confidence, some songs are a little high, so, we’re working on some keys.” “Some of them need help with stage presence. It depends on each contestant, but my main point, is I want to suggest them whether they win the competition and they move on, or not. grow. I want them to be able to take those suggestions out with them.”

Allen told ET that what separates the singer from the artist is his plans for his future as a musician, working to help him make this year’s Top 24.

The “Down Home” singer explained, “Make a plan, because there’s a difference between being a singer and being an artist. There are so many great singers.” “An artist has a plan, a roadmap to get where you want to go. You’ve got this opportunity and you should already have 4, 5 songs written, ready to go, like when you know Were you to be in this contest, you should have already had songs ready on stock, so, when you’re building this fanbase, you know especially if you — say you have to. Ghar Bheen Hai Hai Top 24, Top 10, Whatever – You’re ready to go to me songs, ready to release, ready to release.”

Allen continued, “Use your social media platforms to continue connecting with the people you met on this show, because that’s the problem. Once this show is over you have the next season. Till the start of the off season.”

It’s not all work for the pair in Hawaii, except for performances, Allen and Rexha will get a chance to hang out with the judges—a welcome reunion for the “Meet to Be” songstress, which opened for Katy Perry in 2018.

“I opened for him in Brazil and it was a crazy experience,” Rexha said. “She was very kind, and she took me on tour. She took me and my whole team to dinner. We went to an amazing steak restaurant, and I thought it was lovely.”

“So, that was definitely a really fun time,” she said. “So, I’m excited to see and talk to her again.”

See Rexha and Alan when American Idol Tonight from Aulani Resort airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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