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Batman day: who have been the actors who gave life to the character

Batman Day takes place every third Saturday in September Twitter: Geek Room

Nowadays Batman He is one of the most popular characters in DC Comics and therefore each September, 17th the is done Batman Day.

The last production of this character came out in the month of March 2022 and was starred by Robert Pattinsonwhich was a great success at the box office, in his day the fans of the character commemorate him through multiple activities.

The date origin dates from 2014 when the first event in honor of Batman was held and by that year they would have been fulfilled 75 years since its premiere in 1939however a year later the date was changed and the third Saturday of September.

The festivities vary in each country, for example in London there are food raffles or conventions and in Mexico is celebrated through trends in Twitter with photos, drawings, videos and characterizations.

Michael Keaton was the second actor to play said character twitter: Club DC Spain
Michael Keaton was the second actor to play said character twitter: Club DC Spain

Who have played Batman?

With the passage of time they have given life 7 actors starting by:

1. Adam West in 1966

Said actor was the first to give voice to the character during the recording of the television series “batman and robin”, which was broadcast between 1966 and 1968. In turn, he was the interpreter in the 1992 animated series.

two. Michael Keaton in 1989

The person in charge of this production was Tim Burton, however the followers did not agree with the choice of the actor, they even tried to get the producer, Warner Bross, to give in to their request.

They did not obtain a positive one and the shooting of the film continued with Keaton, forming part of one of the most remembered Batmans, since Jack Nicholson was his antagonist, that is, the charismatic Joker.

It is worth mentioning that Michael Keaton returned to transform into Batman three years later, in the movie ‘batman returns‘ from 1992.

3. Val Kilmer in 1995

On that occasion Tim Burton was in charge of Joel Schumacher, and since Michael Keaton resigned to be the protagonist, the role fell into the hands of Val Kilmer, who was already famous for his role in ‘top gun‘.

Its cast was Chris O’Donnell as Robin, Jim Carrey as Riddler, Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, Nicole Kidman as Doctor Chase Meridian, and Drew Barrymore as Two-Face’s assistant.

Four. George Clooney in 1997

George Clooney became the Batman of the big screen. His performance was one of the worst considered in the film entitled ‘batman and robin‘ became a bitter memory despite starring Alicia Silverstone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman and Chris O’Donnell.

5. Christian Bale in 2005

The director of the trilogy was Christopher Nolan, who would have chosen Christian Bale as the protagonist for the saga of “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”, in such a way that they continued portraying the dark knight.

Also in this saga you could enjoy the interpretation of the late Heath Ledger, Michael Cane, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard.

Robert Pattinson was the last actor to bring Batman to life in 2021 twitter: Club DC Spain
Robert Pattinson was the last actor to bring Batman to life in 2021 twitter: Club DC Spain

6. Ben Affleck in 2016

The actor appeared during the film of ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘ and despite being one of the highest grossing films of that year, his performance received much criticism, however he repeated the role the same year in ‘Suicide Suqad‘ and in ‘Justice League‘ the next year.

7. Robert Pattinson in 2021

Matt Reeves was the one who chose Robert Pattinson to be the protagonist this time. The artist who was known to be the vampire of ‘Twilight‘, he tried very hard and was considered one of the best films.


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