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Barbie Ferreira responds to theories about Kat’s screen time in ‘Euphoria’ season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

Barbie Ferreira responds to theories about Kat's screen time in 'Euphoria' season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

The actress also spoke to ET about her hopes for season 3. 

while season 2 enthusiasm Receiving critical acclaim from massive fans and critics alike, the HBO series has received some pushback, particularly around the lack of screen time for one of its cast members, Barbie Ferreira. While attending an FYC event for an Emmy-winning drama at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, the 25-year-old star spoke with ET’s Danny Directo about the theories of his absence.

“There’s a huge cast out there,” Ferreira said, noting that on the panel for the series alone, it had 10 stars compared to the eight episodes in Season 2. “So, we’ll see all. Everyone gets their time. ,

After playing a major role in Season 1 as Kat Hernandez, a high school student who discovers her sexuality by starring in her online videos and eventually begins dating classmate Ethan Daly (Austin Abrams), Ferreira’s presence was noticeably reduced in Season 2. And over the course of the few episodes she appeared, Kat seemed to go against her progress as she struggled with her body image and ended up gaslighting Ethan for breaking up with her.

As a result, there was a lot of online speculation about why Kat’s story line was cut short compared to Season 1. the daily beast Reporting that Ferreira and series producer Sam Levinson had fallen out on set.

during the season, in a interview with New York Magazinethe actress explained that “Kat’s journey this season is a little more internal and a little mysterious for the audience. She’s secretly going through a lot of existential crises.”

But even after the end of season 2, she quashed the rumors going on the sets. “I’ve seen a lot of different things and a lot of it is unreal and some of it is like mundane little things,” she said. Told insider,

euphoria season 2

Meanwhile, Abrams addressed concerns over the direction of Kat and Ethan’s relationship and what fans felt was a little screen time dedicated to the two characters, saying he was “grateful for where he’s gone.” For working with Ferreira, the actor has nothing but praise for his co-star. “She is a great actor and I think we have a good chemistry with each other,” he said.

During this, enthusiasm The renewal has been done for Season 3, with the entire cast expected to return. About what’s going to happen next? that remains to be seen.

Speaking on the red carpet, Ferreira said fans “will have to tune in to find out. I don’t want to give away too much.” But when asked with whom the actress would like to share more screen time, she said, “I would really love to do scenes with Maud. [Apatow],

“I think Lexi and Kat would be a nice little pair,” she said.

As far as Kat getting into another relationship? “I Don’t Think Anyone Is Ready for a Relationship” enthusiasm, But that doesn’t mean there won’t be one,” she quipped.

After the Season 2 finale, Abrams spoke about Kat and Ethan’s future, suggesting that there was still a lot of untold left between the two. “I hope there is still a lot to be done,” he said. “If there’s something to do with Kat, I think it’ll be really interesting to see what it looks like, especially with this character feeling so different and having time to think about it after she’s out of the relationship.”

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