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Bárbara Torres talks about the health of Eugenio Derbez (VIDEO)

  • The Argentine actress reveals how Eugenio Derbez is
  • Is he in poor health?
  • José Eduardo admits that they have been hiding things…

Bárbara Torres greeted Eugenio Derbez. A close friend of the Mexican actor and also a partner in ‘La Familia P.Luche’, Bárbara Torres played Excelsa for many years, the family’s servant, who is recognized for her authentic phrase ‘I’m just the servant’, she was seen in the premiere of the new play called ‘El Guajolote Salvaje’.

Several Mexican television personalities as well as close friends of Eugenio Derbez were seen at said premiere, and Bárbara like some others spoke about the health of the Mexican actor, but many were surprised by what he revealed about his friend ‘Ludovico Peluche’, this It was through the program ‘Sale el Sol’.

Bárbara Torres health Eugenio Derbez: Ensures that he is not in good health

Barbara Torres health Eugenio Derbez

The actress of Argentine nationality spoke to the press, revealing details about Eugenio Derbez’s health, but her statements had a great impact, because unlike what others have been saying, she assured that the actor is not feeling well at all.

“I know what we all know, I can’t say more because I don’t know more than what has been known. I have sent her little messages but since it is wrong, because she hardly takes her cell phone, ”the actress who played Excelsa in ‘La Familia P.Luche’ for several years began. (SEE VIDEO HERE) Filed Under: Bárbara Torres health Eugenio Derbez

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