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Bárbara de Regil spoke about the figure of Chiquis Rivera and was criticized: “It’s not my body style”

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(Photos: Cuartoscuro, Gettyimages)

Barbara of Regil is one of the figures in the entertainment industry who has given the most to talk about, and in addition to his participation in projects such as Rosary Scissors Y Survivor Mexicothe actress keeps alive his facet as influencer on social networks.

It is on the internet that the 35-year-old woman has revealed herself as a figure of the world fitnessbecause it has one of the most muscularly defined silhouettes within entertainment, and especially since the period of confinement derived from the pandemic, De Regil has shared his lifestyle on his networks healthy.

With exercise routines on her YouTube channel, nutritious eating tips, and even motivational phrases that have even been mocked by her detractors, Bárbara has become an authority to talk about workouts and body activationcoming to teach fitness in different cities of the Mexican Republic, with the intention of helping other women to achieve their ideal body.

(Photo: Instagram barbaraderegil)
(Photo: Instagram barbaraderegil)

The young woman has also raised the movement “body positive”, a thought that aims to make people aware of the importance of body acceptance and to avoid remarks on the body of other people, in any sense.

Despite this, recently the actress, who will soon return to Televisa as the protagonist of a new melodrama produced by José Alberto the blonde Castro, did not avoid commenting on the body figure of Chiquis Riverathe eldest daughter of the missing Jenni Rivera.

“It’s not my body style, It is not a body that I would make or have. It seems very sexual to me, as well as all sexy”, said Bárbara de Regil in a fleeting meeting with the media at the Mexico City airport.

Bárbara de Regil showed off her natural body on her social networks Photo: Instagram/@barbaraderegil
Bárbara de Regil showed off her natural body on her social networks Photo: Instagram/@barbaraderegil

And it is that the Mexican regional singer is known, in addition to being part of one of the most popular families among the Hispanic public, for constantly showing off on networks her exuberant silhouette, and boast of her sensuality despite being far from the famous size zero.

However, this type of figure is not to the liking of the actress, who apparently prefers to keep her well-defined muscles and small size.

telling him that Chiquis also promotes empowerment among women, Bárbara expressed: “I had not seen, but what a father”, and when asked if she would collaborate with the member of the Rivera dynastyHe replied: “Of course I would like to. she is beautiful and very cute the truth”.

The famous also said that she is willing to gain weight for a character, which would lead her to break with the lifestyle she has led in recent years. “Yes, I would, oh, how interesting!” she exclaimed.

On the other hand, Bárbara applauded the physical appearance of Alejandro Fernández, The foal. “He has not gained weight, the truth is that he is very handsome, I do not see him as fat, I do not see him as bad. I see him as a gallant, and he is also a gentleman, he is very attentive and a super good friend”.

(photo: @chiquis/instagram)
(photo: @chiquis/instagram)

However, the reactions of users on social networks were immediate, as many comments in response to the news pointed out that the actress is wrong for commenting on someone else’s body.

“If it’s not your body, just don’t give your opinion”, “Not good, let her worry about her and everyone’s life”, “We are in the middle of 2022! No one talks about people’s bodies anymore! locate yourselves”, “It’s that she shouldn’t like it, Chiquis should like it, look at this one”, “And who does she think she is to say if a body is sexual or not sexy?”Shot for every time Bárbara de Regil messes up over and over and over again”, are some of the comments that can be read.

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