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Barbara de Regil PVEM. refused to pay

bárbara de regil

Mexico City (Sun) .- Barbara de Regil defends herself When they ask him about the support given to the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), and whether it was paid.

Actress from “Rosario Tijeras” She admitted that everything she says becomes controversial and that she is already used to the situation, but she simply gave her opinion on the matter. “I’m used to controversies because everything I say becomes controversial; I voice my opinion about something, but that’s why I don’t like to comment on religion, politics, football because people take it too personal and how ugly Believes, because anyone can give their opinion about what you want,” he said.

Also, the youtuber, who was captured at the Mexico City airport from Los Angeles, was interviewed by “Ventenendo”, and questions were raised about how much the party paid him to make his support public; However, Barbara denied this, and assured that if she did, it was just because she wanted to.

“No, everything I do comes out of my heart, I label everyone, I talk about what I want, that is, I always think about what it is,” he said. De Regil clarified that He only answered a question a netizen asked him Who was he going to vote for on 6th June? “In some of the questions I asked eight days ago, they asked me which party you were going to vote for, and I didn’t answer, I only replied that I liked the offer…

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When asked about the parody that Faisundo made of him, and Regarding criticism from actors and influencers who allegedly received money from PVEM, the actress limited herself to saying that she did not follow the host and comedian because their content was not of interest to her. “The truth is I don’t follow Facundo, I’m not interested in his stuff; I think, it’s like you just gave me your opinion about religion, football; and then I attack you I thought it is not a sin to go out and give an opinion, everything the world is free to give its opinion and go out, it is not a sin, what people tell is something else”.

In addition to Faisundo, Argentine actor Sebastian Rulik He criticized celebrities and influencers who may have received money to support through his Instagram status, PVEM. “Little congrats guys, don’t sell yourself, dignity is priceless,” he expressed

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