Home Entertainment Bárbara de Regil has motivational videos for sale

Bárbara de Regil has motivational videos for sale

Vídeos personalizados de Bárbara de Regil

The greetings are over, now the actress is selling personalized motivational videos.

MEXICO CITY.— Due to the suspension of activities due to the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine several famous people resorted to other “methods” and alternatives to get money, like that Sale of personalized greetings it became popular.

Nevertheless, Barbara de Regil decided to “reinvent” this method, so the actress and fitness trainer has now put it up for sale Motivational videos which, in addition to personalization, have a duration of one minute.

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How much does Bárbara de Regil ask for a personalized motivational video?

The influencer also surprised her followers by telling them that now anyone who wants can get one or more personalized motivational videos in exchange for a “modest” price.

The protagonist of “Rosario Tijeras” explained in her Instagram stories how her fans can get a very personal motivational video:

Karla asked me about this video for her best friend who broke up with her ex and is super down […] The videos take up to a minute, “said the actress on November 22nd when announcing her new” deal “.

Bárbara De Regil Has Motivational Videos For Sale - Light Home News

As for the price, so miniature, the app where celebrities sell their greetings, Barbara de Regil demands a thousand 44 pesos for your motivational videos of up to a minute.

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What does Bárbara de Regil offer in her personalized motivational videos?

Barbara stated that she had joined the celebrities selling greetings but that she had become more creative because of her “offer” It’s not just about sending a personal greeting. What it offers is a Motivational video which he assures will help anyone who buys it.

Additionally, Barbara de Regil agrees that the videos will be delivered within 24 hours maximum.

“[…] You can ask for personalized videos, either motivational greetings, birthday greetings, for a friend or for you, “are the words with which the model, too, describes her personalized video services

Bárbara De Regil Has Motivational Videos For Sale - Light Home News

Only one person bought you a motivational video

So far, Bárbara de Regil has only sold one motivational video, this information was confirmed thanks to the supposed review that a fan wrote to the actress after buying a recording:

“Thank you Barbara, you have to make the year with your beautiful words” […] She is the strongest woman I know who has been around too long, she is 20 years old and lost her mother when she was 9 years old. […]”(sic) reads the commentary on the actress’ profile on this platform.

Bárbara De Regil Has Motivational Videos For Sale - Light Home News

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