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Banda L2C promotes its first single ‘En la Cumbre’

After a tour of the local media, some members of the L2C Band arrived at this publishing house to publicize the promotion of his first single titled “On the Top”which achieved great acceptance by his followers.

Six months after launching his musical project, it should be noted that L2C is the official band of Los Dos Carnalesfrom whom they claim to receive all the necessary support to follow this path.

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“We are very proud to be their official band, since we accompany them in all their concerts, but we also work on our own, we are opening our own path, with unreleased songs, it is a long-term project and the best of all is that they are supporting us,” explained Luis Rodríguez, vocalist of the band.

At the moment they are promoting their first single “En la Cumbre”, it is an unpublished song written by Luis Rodríguez, as well as by Gerardado Acuña, also vocalist of the band.

“We all put an idea, since we are used to working as a team, it is a theme that we did with great affection, a very happy corrido, which speaks of a person who likes to party, something clean, beautiful and fun,” he assured the singer.

Originally from Torreón and Matamoros, Coahuila, as well as Gómez Palacio, Durango, there are 17 young people who make up the bandsame that have ages between 18 to 31 years.

“Up on stage we are 17 members, apart from the staff team, driver, there are several of us who make up this great team,” he assured.

When questioning them, how is it that they intersperse their personal commitments with those of The Two Carnal They responded that in events with them live, they have the opportunity to sing their own songs and when they accompany them in their performance, they open up and support them throughout the concert, because they are on a par, since they have little experience, they are fixing the theme of visas, therefore, when they go to the United States, they take the opportunity to make music and work on their own so that people know them.

Banda L2C has performed in various parts of the Comarca Lagunera and its upcoming presentations They will be on October 15 at the San Pedro Fair and on September 24 at the Centennial Coliseum with Los Dos Carnales, where there will be a great cast.

“We wait for you in all these presentations, so that people can go and enjoy our live show, we dance, we sing, we make everything very fun,” he asserted.

Two other songs are about to be recorded.

There is no doubt that Banda L2C has many plans on the horizon, and for now, this Wednesday they will start recording.

“Apart from this first single, We are going to record two other songs, We have every intention and a lot of desire to make music, tomorrow we will record two pained songs, of a ballad genre, inspired by a server and that of a very famous composer that we will leave as a surprise, one of them is titled, ‘You deserve my oblivion’, the other one doesn’t have a title yet, it’s mine but I haven’t named it yet,” Luis said.

For those who want to know more about the group and listen to their musical proposal, they can search for it on all music platforms.

“We are going to be with the theme on all digital platforms, Banda L2C, in Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, we have everything and we go with everything”, he testified.

They hope to continue counting on the support of their countrymen, since they assure that their style does not resemble that of another band.

“Our voices are heard differently and in our songs we want them to have a message, besides we have the support of Los Dos Carnales who are composers and have many songs, which all have a message, they don’t talk about drugs, weapons, women, they are themes for all types of public”, he commented.

The singer Luis Rodríguez assures that his partner Gerardo Acuña, also a vocalist, is a famous influencer who is very supportive of the band on social media.

“Gera also composes and has an excellent voice, our voices are heard differently, our songs, our style of singing and dancing, is something totally different from what already exists,” he said.

Finally, the young people who, despite being part of a young band, already have enough experience for having belonged to other groups years ago, assure that they will continue breaking stone in this artistic walk.

“As musicians we already have school, we had our history in other groups, we come with all the desire and we want to give it to the top, with original songs, it is a young band but we have taken giant steps, stay tuned for all our news, thanks for everything,” he declared.


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