Band members watch Chikis Rivera's butt (VIDEO)

Members of ‘Los dos Carnales’ are caught looking behind Jenny’s daughter while holding an event.

Miami.— On the night of July 22, 2021 Youth AwardsSaid that the concert was attended by singers who were honored, had a performance and also became the conductor of the event.

What Chiquis Riviera, Joe Sebastian was presenting the various sections in conjunction with the travels that made up the event. However, Jenny Rivera’s daughter stood out, but not only for her driving skills.

The interpreter of “Paloma Blanca” attracted the attention of the audience and thanked the participants of the show curvy body And quite revealing outfits.

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they couldn’t stop looking at him

a moment when chick’s body became the center of attraction, it was captured in a video showing the members of ‘Los dos Carnales’ watching without conscience butt chicks riviera.

The recording, shared by a viewer on the social network, immediately sparked debate among Internet users.

In 2021 Youth Awards, ‘The Two Cornells’ he won two awards, which establishes him as one of the greatest exponents of the Mexican regional style.

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