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Bam Margera reportedly found missing from rehab facility

Officers reportedly found Bam Margera, who was missing after leaving a rehab facility and had not been seen in days.

According to tmzwho first reported the story and later confirmed that he had been found, former donkey Tara went missing on Monday from the Delray Beach area. The police there were searching for Margera, who was not allowed to leave the facility. According to the outlet, citing a police report, Margera herself told the manager of the rehab facility that she was dissatisfied with his services and told him she planned to leave the facility, and she did. ET has reached out to a representative for Margera for comment.

Margera, who was ordered to stay at the rehab center by the court, apparently also told the rehab facility manager that she planned to check herself into a different rehab center before moving into a black sedan. Staff at the rehab facility believe that despite leaving without authorization, there appears to be no danger to Margera herself or others.

Sources close to Margera told tmz That the former reality star left the facility came after he apparently got into an argument with his wife, and that his dissatisfaction with the facility had been going on for some time.

Back in May, Margera took to Instagram to announce that she was celebrating a year of sobriety.

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