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Balthazar, a police chain with something else

AXN Screen premieres a French police series that brings a twist to its plot. Balthazar Raphael follows in the footsteps of Balthazar and Helen Bach as they solve the most complex cases in a very strange way, because They rely on the help of the Beyond to uncover the crimes.

first season of Balthazar Premieres this Monday (June 13) at 11 p.m. on AXN, with a new curriculum dedicated to solving the murders in this criminology story.

For starters, the ghost of his wife

The new French series stars Raphael Balthazar, an arrogant but charming forensic pathologist who has an amazing ability to talk to the deadApart from using unconventional methods to solve their cases. It all starts with the ghost of his wifeWho also tries to solve the mystery of his death.

"Balthazar", a new French series by AXN, starring Tomar and Helen de Fougerols.

“Balthazar”, a new French series by AXN, starring Tomar and Helen de Fougerols.

Like all forensics, Balthazar will rely on the experience of Chief Inspector Helen Bach, the most serious and understanding of the task force, who will use Balthazar’s unique language and skills to help solve the most complex cases, as she grapples with the chaos in her family life, with teenage children and a cheating husband,

Faced with a series of complicated murder cases, the new police commander must learn to work with the brilliant but troubled Raphael, who can force the dead to speak like someone else,

no stunt doubles

Balthazar’s character plays him Tom Sisley, an actor born in Germany to Israeli parents but raised in France from the age of 9. Sisley is a famous comedian and has also acted in several films including He has the ability to do the riskiest shots himself, such as jumping with a parachute.

His most recent works were in the American series Messiah and in film don’t look upStarring Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence.


AXN’s new French series “Balthazar” with Tomar Sisley. Premieres this Monday, June 13.

For her part, the actress Helen de Fougeroles the one who plays Chief Inspector Helen Bacho, The Frenchwoman has starred in dozens of films in her country and is best known for her role in the 2015 miniseries, Le Secret de Ellis (The Secret of Elysium),

a double murder

Presentation of the first season of Balthazar by AXN Arrives This Monday with double episodes, Along with Detective Bach, Balthazar must work to solve another pending case as well as the double murder of a prosecutor and his wife: The murder of Balthazar’s ex-wife Lise.

Balthazar It also stars Yanning Samot, who plays Detective Jerome Delgado, one of those who support the coroner’s unorthodox methods; Philippa PhoenixPlayed by Fatim Saghi, a pathologist working hand-in-hand with Eddie eat levinTo examine the body of the deceased for clues and evidence.

police series, With a touch of black humour, it premiered in France in 2018., with great success and is now in its fourth season in its country. The first season has six episodes; The second and last two with ten, each with eight chapters.


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