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Bad news! They confirm that Alec Baldwin did pull the trigger during tragedy on set

  • After long investigations authorities give bad news about Alec Baldwin.
  • The FBI assures that the actor did pull the trigger on the set.
  • Is the Hollywood actor in trouble?

Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger. It was on August 4 when The Associated reported that prosecutors were awaiting the forensic analysis of actor Alec Baldwin’s weapon with which he killed Hutchins on the recording set, now it has been confirmed that the FBI assured that the actor did pull the trigger of the gun.

The investigation into the death of a film director shot by actor Alec Baldwin on a film set was ongoing, and the New Mexico prosecutor overseeing the case said authorities were awaiting analysis of key forensic evidence to decide whether Criminal charges would be filed, AP reported.

Prosecutors were awaiting forensic analysis of Alec Baldwin’s gun

Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger

District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies reported on Wednesday, August 3, via social media that her office had received only parts of the investigation from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office. The selection process by prosecutors it would begin once sheriff’s investigators have received the information and complete their supplemental reports.

In records released so far, investigators described complacency, disorganization and neglect of security measures in the making of the low-budget film. An interrogation with Baldwin hours after the fatal shooting and clips from the rehearsal showing Baldwin in disguise while practicing a quick maneuver with a gun, the AP reported.

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