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Bad children? After being ‘absent’ during Eugenio Derbez’s accident, Aislinn and Vadhir finally appear doing the unthinkable (PHOTOS)

  • Partying and without worries, the children of Eugenio Derbez appeared
  • While José Eduardo congratulated his father on his birthday, Aislinn and Vadhir, without intentions?
  • They finally ‘show signs of life’ while their father was in poor health

Several days have passed since Eugenio Derbez’s accident took him to the hospital in an emergency for an alleged fall that broke his shoulder into several pieces… at least that was revealed unofficially because officially it is not yet known what happened to science for sure with the actor, but now finally Aislinn and Vadhir give ‘signs of life’ after being so ‘silent’, on social networks.

And it is that while Alessandra Rosaldo, partner of Eugenio Derbez was in charge of communicating about what happened to the comedian who had to undergo surgery and is currently in recovery, the only one of his children who showed any public reaction to what happened with the actor It was José Eduardo congratulating him on his birthday in the middle of the drama, since Aislinn and Vadhir were conspicuous by their absence even though they are very active on Instagram, which caused a lot of suspicion and speculation.

Aislinn and Vadhir, insensitive to what happened to Eugenio Derbez?

Aislinn and Vadhir Derbez on a trip

Heart attack? Are they hiding something more serious? They were some of the speculations that were handled before the accident of Eugenio Derbez and everything caused by “the media silence” of his children Aislinn and Vadhir who did not “appear” anywhere to clarify how their father was and now it is known why.

It turns out that two of Eugenio Derbez’s children went to party at a festival of art and expression called Black Rock City in Nevada that began on August 28, the exact date on which Alessandra Rosaldo issued the statement about what happened to the father of Aislinn and Vadhir Derbez… insensitive to what happened?

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