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Bad Bunny will play a Marvel character for Sony

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A surprise occurred during ComiCon when it was announced that the singer bad rabbit will join the universe Sony Inspired by Spider-Man characters, al play the deadappearing in wall-climbing comics.

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Bad Bunny: meaning of the name and why he chose it

Sony reported that the Puerto Rican will be the protagonist of the expected film be ready by January 12, 2024in which he will play a fighter who is neither a villain nor a hero, but will certainly appear as an anti-hero, as Venom and Morbius have already done.

Bringing El Muerto to life is just amazing… very excitingsaid Bad Bunny for the Variety review.

Who is El Muerto, who is played by Bad Bunny?

El Muerto is inspired by Mexican wrestling and as such, he wears a mask that grants him his powers inherited from his ancestors.

He has superhuman strength and although he has rarely been seen in action, One of them was when he fought Spider-Manbut was defeated by a spike that appeared to the arachnid.

The singer is a wrestling lover

It should be noted that Bad Bunny is even a huge wrestling fan had participation in WWEwhere he competed in WrestleMania and Royal Rumble and was also crowned 24/7 Champion.

What did Bad Bunny do before he became a star?

Reference from lanoticia

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