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Bad Bunny reveals what it was like to work with Brad Pitt in the movie ‘Bullet Train’: “I never felt less”

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reggaeton bad bunny fulfilled a dream of participating in a major Hollywood production with his foray into the tape Bullet trainwhere he shares credits with an acting legend, Brad Pitt.

About this experience, in an interview with windowing the Puerto Rican said: “When you daydream and work hard for it, it can be fulfilled. I am still a little dreamer, working in Puerto Rico, with a lot of desire to succeed.”

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then about biggest challenge he faced standing in front of Brad Pitt, He said: “To be able to meet the expectations of what the scene requires and not damage it, as one says, but I am someone who likes challenges.”

“I never felt uncomfortable on stage, I never felt less. ANDhe work environment was very nice, the director and Brad Pitt too, they took me by the hand at all times, step by step, and they made me feel very safe,” he added.

The singer said that during this cinematic foray “I didn’t feel any kind of pressure. Before starting I did have it, but when I was there and I saw how it was going, it was all about enjoying it and giving my best”.

Also, answered the question of how he keeps his feet on the ground: “I like to do this, this is my passion, making music, giving what people want and enjoying it. I am still the same person, I have never changed because, as I said before, the person who dreamed all this is Benito; he had this dream, he wanted this. And now that I have achieved it, it would be unfair for me to change my person, my way of being.”

Finally, he confirmed that he has more acting projects on the horizon: “Another challenge that is coming, we are already preparing ourselves, I cannot give many details about thatbut it is another opportunity that I have and I hope I can make the most of it”.


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