Home Entertainment Bad Bunny Launches New Collection Single: “De Museo” (Video)

Bad Bunny Launches New Collection Single: “De Museo” (Video)

Bad Bunny Launches New Collection Single:

San Juan, Puerto Rico (EFE). – Puerto Rican Urban Artists Bad Bunny released their new single, “De Museo,” on Tuesday. His most recent track since “Yonaguni”, which he performed in early June.

Bad Bunny introduced “De Museo”, saying that “A brother never deceives himself, never leaves the family.”, and that despite the number of women he may have for his or his fame, “jealousy doesn’t stay with us, it dies.”

bad bunny thanks god

Similarly, Benito Martinez, the artist’s maiden name, Thank God for everything he has achieved in his short career And for his friends who are dead but take care of him from heaven.

the theme’s chorus says “The street is very busy, we’re always in josio (hustle and bustle), museum machineI walk, because the street is awful, we take care of the ugly, bhaiya (brother) listen to that fronteo (ego), I don’t see them here”.

Verse from “De Museo”

With the word “machine”, Bad Bunny refers to its Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans sports car, Which is worth over $3 million, and in which he is seen sitting on his bonnet in a photo included as a cover of the song on Spotify.

bad bunny It also includes several “bars” (sentences) such as “I have all the flavors, an ice cream shop”.… say my name three times so you can win the lottery.”

Third issue in seven months

“De Museo” is The third theme that Bad Bunny introduces in the first seven months of 2021 Even though he had no plans to release the music this year, he admitted in an interview with Apple Music in early June when he released “Yonaguni.”

Before “Yonaguni”, Bad Bunny and his compatriot and collaborator Luer La L launched the song “100 Millions” on May 28.

effect of latin trap

In an interview with Apple Music, Bad Bunny explained that in this topic, he revealed “Much of my music influenced my beginnings” In 2016, when Latin Trap was promoted.

uniformly, “Bad Rabbit highlights “lure la l’s inclusion in the theme” For being one of the most supported artists on the streets of Puerto Rico.

Lure la l and their problems

Luer La El, meanwhile, was arrested in Puerto Rico. It was several days after the release of the said single, when police confiscated marijuana in an off-road vehicle he was driving.

later, The 21-year-old debutante was released, When a judge found “no reason” for his arrest. EFE

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