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Bad Bunny is the first Spanish-speaking artist to win MTV VMA Artist of the Year

Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny made history at the MTV Video Music Awards when he not only became the first Latino or Hispanic speaker to win the Best Artist of the Year award; but he is also the first non-English speaking artist to do so. This might interest you:

Grammy-nominated Guatemalan artist Gaby Moreno will perform a free concert in Raleigh. However, the artist was unable to attend the awards ceremony and accept the recognition as he performed a concert at Yankee Stadium in New York as part of his tour.

Bad Bunny learned about the award during the concert. While presenting in New York City, the singer learned he’d won the Artist of the Year award, so he shared the award with his fans. “With all my heart, words fail me to describe how I feel, the pride I feel to be at Yankee Stadium and to receive this award,” he said upon accepting the award from MTV. He stressed that he never gave up and always believed that he could become an icon without having to change because he was occasionally told to sing in English, which he refused. “I believed from the start that I could become great, that I could become one of the best singers in the world, without having to change my culture, my language, my language, my jargon; I’m Benito Antonio Martínez de Puerto Rico for the whole world,” said the artist. As for the nominations for “Bad Rabbit” at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Puerto Rican artist shared a list with Drake, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X and Lizzo for that award.

Additionally, Bad Bunny was also nominated for Best Song of the Summer, Best Latin Video, and Best Album of the Year, although he didn’t receive any of those awards. It may interest you: Lourdes León, Madonna’s daughter, releases her debut song with her mother’s approval

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