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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Bad Bunny becomes the first Latino to win artist of the year at the 2022 VMAs

  • The Puerto Rican makes history
  • He won the most important award of the VMAs
  • He gave an emotional message to his followers

History was made last night at the Prudential Center pavilion in Newark, New Jersey. Where music, euphoria and a great parade of iconic celebrities were present on the black carpet. However, there was something that took away all the praise and emotions, it is the news that Bad Bunny becomes the first Latino to win artist of the year at the 2022 VMAs.

The MTV Video Music Awards in its 2022 edition were full of surprises, among them what was predictable for others, since the reggaeton player of the moment took all the spotlight and one of the great recognitions of the music industry.

It was a close competition

It was a close competition

This year, Bad Bunny was nominated in four categories of the VMAs, transmitted through the popular television channel MTV, the nominations in which Benito’s name was found were: Artist of the Year, Best Latin Song, Song of the Summer and Album. of the year, according to Millennium.

Despite the fact that it would only be in one of the four categories where Bunny would be seen as the winner, he undoubtedly won the most important and acclaimed award of the night, where the nomination was disputed with artists such as Drake, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X and the only woman in the alternate Lizzo.

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