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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Bad Bunny associated with Chavismo?

The journalist’s version

The journalist's version

According to the version of Assad Byrne’s ex-partner, Jiménez-Dan received around 2 million dollars from a former Venezuelan military officer, for the operation of recording, representation, production and management of digital rights in 2014. Currently , that money adds up to about 2 billion dollars.

“In 2014, (Assad Byrne) met a Venezuelan named Rafael Ricardo Jiménez Dan, a former deputy minister in the government of Hugo Chávez, who at that time had just left Venezuela to reside in Weston, Florida. Co-defendant Jiménez-Dan invested money (to Assad Byrne) to open a recording studio. That same year, (Hernández Rivera and Assad Byrne) managed to make one of their dreams come true when Rimas Entertainment, LLC was incorporated, with additional money contributed and/or lent by the Venezuelan Jiménez-Dan ($2,000,000), who also paid personal debts ( of Assad Byrne)”, were the words of the journalist. Filed Under: Bad Bunny chavismo

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