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Bachelorette’s Michelle Young and Fiancee Nayte Olukoya Consider Finding Their Happy Endings (Exclusive)

Bachelorette's Michelle Young and Fiancee Nayte Olukoya Consider Finding Their Happy Endings (Exclusive)

It’s been three months since Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya got engaged The Bachelorette, and the two of them still wear that newly engaged glamor.

“I think this is where I should be,” says ET teacher Lauren Zima, 28. “But I kept checking my feelings and where Nayte was in those feelings was pretty high up, but there were times when I urged him to make sure I got an answer I needed just because he wasn’t used to it . ” opening up and being vulnerable was something completely new. ”

“I challenged you quite a bit,” she says teasingly to her fiancé. “And, hey, he delivered!”

Fans watched as the teacher and Austin-based sales manager seal their fairytale ending during Tuesday’s season finale, where Nayte and Michelle exchanged I love you during their fantasy suite date before Nayte dropped to one knee and asked the question .

“The first night I met you I knew we had a bond that I wanted to hold onto. The second night we were together, we talked about running away together,” Nayte said during his When they stood together on a beach. “I am standing in front of you and I feel the same. I want to run away with you I want to run away to eternity with the woman I love. “

“I know that sometimes you felt unseen. And I want you to know that I am fully prepared, willing, and ready to ensure that you will always be chosen, seen first, now, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives. I love you Michelle, “he added.

'Bachelorette'S Michelle Young And Nayte Olukoya On Life After The Finals

The 27-year-old admits he’s never been in love before his relationship with Michelle, but tells ET that a moment of clarity helped his heart and mind synchronize.

“There was a moment of extreme clarity for me when my heart and mind were perfectly in tune. Everything connected and I was just sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, ”he explains. “I could hardly imagine life without her when I was in bed, and like, that has never happened to me, has it?”

Michelle is no stranger to the concept of spending forever with your first love, she says it runs in the family!

“You know, if you know … Everyone comes across differently, but she was his first love with my brother and his wife. My sister and her husband, he was her first love, so it wasn’t like that strange thing , “She reveals.”[Nayte] fits perfectly into the shape! “

Her trip wasn’t without bumps as Michelle had some concerns that her boyfriend might not be ready to ask the question and her parents, Ephraim and LaVonne, expressed similar doubts. Ephraim worried that Nayte might be an emotionally closed person, while LaVonne wasn’t so sure he was ready to get on one knee.

“Nayte had a different mood than Brandon,” said Ephraim, explaining that Brandon – whom Michelle later split – was more personable when he met the family.

LaVonne directly told Nayte that she doesn’t feel ready for an engagement and that he still looks very reluctant.

“Nayte was very nice, he said the right things, but I really didn’t feel like he was ready to propose to her,” LaVonne said in an interview. “I think one of the things she likes about him is that he’s a little more surprising and less predictable. And to be honest, I’m worried about it. “

After seeing their romance on screen, the couple says they realize how difficult it can be for others to understand their intense emotions when others are not as involved in the process as they are.

“The whole thing is just difficult, most people don’t have to experience it,” says Michelle. “And we kind of talked about how much we really fell in love when we went out on our engagement day. You learn so much about each other and we only got to know each other more during that time. So from the time you Arriving in week 8, 9, 10 of the show when more serious relationships happen, now you have significant more serious relationships. ”

“For example, it gets uncomfortable and we didn’t pretend it was never uncomfortable. We definitely just said, ‘This is a really weird situation, let’s talk about your feelings, let’s talk about my feelings and this is how we are. I’ll navigate it,’ “adds Michelle.” To say we have this going through the whole experience unimpressed is not really realistic. “

But all worries have now been calmed down, especially as the two of them are looking to their future. During the emotional After the last rose In particular, the couple revealed that Michelle’s parents are now not only “absolutely in love” with Nayte, but also “besties” with Nayte’s mother. And as a super cute surprise for the couple, who revealed they are looking for a home in Minnesota, the show sent a surprise gift in the form of a down payment check for their first home.

'Bachelorette'S Michelle Young And Nayte Olukoya On Life After The Finals

Michelle notes that the down payment was an “incredibly generous gift,” and tells ET that the couple would always make it work, “down payment or not”.

And as for their mothers, the teacher says they are really “fun” together. “As Nayte said, wanting to bring our families together and be able to rely on each other’s families as this all developed has been incredibly helpful,” she adds. “It was very special that I got closer to Nayte’s sister, he got closer to my siblings and my family more so it was great.”

Michelle reveals that their families get along so well that their mothers are already diving into wedding planning! “The mothers have no wedding planning and are on their own mother journeys without us, they are in their own world, you know? [They’re the] real love story, “she says.

Nate says the couple wish they had a “summer wedding” sometime in the “near future”. But although their mothers are going full steam ahead, the two have not rushed into anything. They say they enjoy the time they are all together.

“Give us an hour and we’ll do so much in an hour,” says Nayte. “We’re going to be silly, we’re going to mean business. The other day we sat on the couch for 40 minutes because we ate popcorn and we were just curious to see how it pops – for example, what happens when you put it in the microwave [and it] turns from a hard, solid object into a fluffy treat? 45 minutes long [we] just went on this crazy search. “

When asked what grade she would give her trip with Nayte, Michelle enthusiastically said an “A ++”. Passed with flying colors!

Michelle’s love journey may be over, but there’s more to come! the Bachelor The franchise will open on January 3rd with the premiere of Clayton Echards season of. to return The bachelor. ET will keep you in the loop all season with all of ours Bachelor Cover.


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