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‘Bachelorette’ alum Evan Bass reveals what led to his divorce from Carly Weddell (Exclusive)

'Bachelorette' alum Evan Bass reveals what led to his divorce from Carly Weddell (Exclusive)

Bachelorette Alum, Evan Bass, is opening up about what went wrong in his marriage to Carly Waddell. in a new episode of Talking with Bachelor NationOn Thursday, Bass shared for the first time since their divorce what led to their split.

Bass has worked with Bachelor Nation alums, Mike Johnson, and Dr. Brian Abasolo of his time bachelor in heavenwhere he met his now ex-wife. “I think when we came out of this, we weren’t able to lay a proper foundation. Heaven, gives you a kind of foundation that’s a lot — nothing’s going on, right? You just have to work on your relationship.”

While the pair had established a foundation of sorts beepBass said that cracks began to appear in their relationship after he left the show.

He continued, “And you talk about real life things and for me, it was very real, and I think that transition when you get out, that’s probably where we missed Like communicating about values ​​and how to work through life in general. Figuring out how to work through life. I obviously have other kids who aren’t with Carly, and so, a lot to work with was.”

Eventually however, Bass, who shares 4-year-old daughter Bella and 3-year-old son Charlie with Waddell, as well as three older sons from a previous marriage, said that he and bachelor The alum didn’t lay the right foundation for her marriage to survive the outdoors.

“I don’t think we’ve set the foundation the way we should be,” Bass said.

After getting married in 2017 after meeting on the reality TV dating series, the couple called it quits in December 2020.

“We have made the difficult decision to separate,” he said in a joint statement. People those days. “We will always cherish our time together and continue to have the utmost respect for each other as we focus on what is best for the future of our family. We greatly appreciate everyone’s love and support and Please ask that you please respect the privacy of our family as we navigate through this.”

While Bass’s admission marks the first time he has publicly spoken about the reason for their split, Waddell addressed this in a video on his YouTube channel in January 2021.

“We split up the day after Thanksgiving. We’ve been going to therapy for years,” she shared. “… We tried. We tried for a really long time to get it to work. We went to therapy.”

“We focused a lot more on the kids than we focused on ourselves. And, ultimately, I think it was probably our biggest downfall that the kids kinda came to the top of the pyramid and we never found ourselves at the top kept,” Waddell continued. “If you don’t have a foundation for yourself, you crumble. The last two years have been really tough. We’re trying to figure it out and trying, trying.”

Waddell claimed that it was Bass who decided to end their relationship.

“I always told him that if he wanted out it was his call, because I’m just the one person who would never be out,” she said. “what are going to do? [If] Nobody wants to be with you, they don’t want to be with you.”

Waddell said the pair split after failing to hunt in the 2020 house.

“We actually made three offers on homes in 2020 and every single offer fell through, which was really sad… the last one fell [because] There was this terrible foundation problem in the basement… It was like October,” she recalled. “And then I found this house and Ivan asked me to buy it, so I did. And then he told me he didn’t want to be in it. so here we are. It’s a new year.”

In addition to discussing their breakup, the video shows Waddell taking a tour of her new home upstairs, which includes a room she now calls the “divorce room”.

“We’re in the divorce room and I’m here trying to make new memories because it’s 2021,” she said, before opening the room. “… I call it the Divorce Room because it’s where Evan told me he wanted a divorce. He’s right where I’m sitting. I’m going to Sage in this room, so every time I go in so I don’t feel that energy.”

Despite previously revealing that she was “very sad” and “not well,” Waddell said she was determined to stay positive.

For more on Bachelor Nation, watch the video below.

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