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Bachelor Nation’s Cam Ayala describes months-long procedure for prosthetic leg after amputation

If everything goes according to plan, Bachelorette Alum Cam Ayala will have her new prosthetic leg in time for a scheduled “milestone” date for a concert in September. And while he has a lot of work ahead of him, he is up for it.

during a candid conversation on Click to Bat with Bachelor Nation On the podcast, the 32-year-old told hosts Natasha Parker and Tia Booth about the process he’s gone through to get his new prosthetic leg and how long he expects to get it. For starters, Ayala says, it takes an average of two to four weeks for a wound to heal, which she revealed in a series of photos and videos she posted to Instagram last weekend.

He said that, once the stitches are out, it will take two weeks to get a temporary prosthetic leg.

“Like a lonely leg,” he said. “That way they can see how the bone is fitting inside the socket, making sure you’re not getting any pressure, blisters or anything like that. Once they’re sure of that fit , so they actually do another casting.”

From start to finish after surgery, it takes about two months to get your new prosthetic leg. Once he achieves this, he needs to learn to walk again and make sure the prosthetic leg isn’t too short or too long. She hopes to have a new leg by mid-September, says Ayala, a goal she had set before her amputation surgery.

Ayala said she is a big fan of Grammy-winning singer Lauren Daigle, but never saw her in concert. Well, she found out she’d be performing at Red Rocks in Colorado in September, when she expected to have a prosthetic leg.

“This is going to be my milestone,” Ayala said. “I’m going to stick my tail off in physical therapy so I can be there to see her front row in mid-September. Tickets have been bought. I’m not going to look back. Hope it all works out.” It’s a beautiful moment to be back at my first concert with Ms. Daigle.”

Ayala, who appeared during Hannah Brown’s season and earned her “first impression of Rose”, won the A. disclosed in christmas 2018 instagram post that he was diagnosed with lymphedema. Mayo Clinic Explains that lymphedema occurs when tissue swells as a result of a buildup of fluid that would normally be drained through the body’s lymphatic system. Due to this condition, his leg was almost amputated in 2016, but doctors were able to save his leg. Fast forward so far, Ayala is carrying on with the process and appears to be more than determined to overcome the challenge.

Ayala told the podcast’s hosts what lymphedema has taught her since she went public about it in 2002.

“It’s taught me to give myself some grace. We’re in this society that demands almost perfection, and when you scroll through social media you find these snapshots depicting the perfection of these people. Not embracing my insecurities or shortcomings – or, in my case, my stub now – I have to embrace it because there are going to be so many vain and shallow people who are going to look at my amputated leg or maybe my Have seen lymphedema and see how it is for them as a blessing versus a burden, where I get to help this person on their journey.”

“Hopefully this person has a heart of compassion for others who may be disabled,” he continued. “Find your peace, give yourself grace and then align yourself with the people who are going to build you up versus bring you down, regardless of their clout or social status, because that’s when we die. , so we don’t bring our followers with us.”

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