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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Shares First-Sight Photos of David Spade, Lance Bass, and More Guest Hosts

'Bachelor in Paradise' Shares First-Sight Photos of David Spade, Lance Bass, and More Guest Hosts

Bachelor in Paradise it is getting ready for the next season and the beach is heating up. The show’s official Instagram account gave fans a first look at the celebrity hosts who will be taking over the reality TV dating show. The slideshow featured snapshots of David Spade, Lance Bass, Lil Jon, and Tituss Burgess in their best beachwear, ready to help these Bachelor Nation alumni on their quest for love in paradise.

“Ya buoy! ‚ú® Welcome to our amazing hosts invited to #BachelorInParadise! ūüŹĚūüĆĻ”, the account of the program captioned the photos.

In June, ET learned that Bass, Lil Jon, and Burgess would be joining previously announced host, Spade, as guest hosts on the reality TV series, following the announcement that host Chris Harrison is officially exiting the franchise afterward. of his racism controversy.

Sources said Page six, who was the first to report the news, that Spade was chosen as a guest host because he is a superfan and has “built a cult among the other fans due to the funny comments” about the show on his Instagram.

Spade will be the first guest host of the season and will welcome 13 lovely ladies (Abigail, Deandra, Jessenia, Kelsey, Mari, Maurissa, Natasha, Serena C., Serena P., Tahzjuan, Tammy, Victoria L., Victoria P .) and 10 wonderful guys (Aaron, Brendan, Connor, Ivan, James, Joe, Karl, Kenny, Noah, Tre) to heaven. Additional contestants will be announced throughout the season.

In place of Harrison, Wells Adams, who previously served as Paradise bartender, will take on an expanded role, serving as the Master of Cocktails and Ceremonies.

When ET spoke to Wells about the upcoming season earlier this month, he said it will have a “different vibe” than it did in the past.

“I think a really fun trip awaits everyone, and then I’ll be there for therapy sessions and drinks,” Wells continued. “… I’m excited that everyone can go back and walk through the gates of Paradise. We had to take a break last year, which was a bummer, because I really love helping do the show, and I think America really loves coming to the doors and going down the stairs with us. So I’m happy he’s back. “

Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise will premiere on August 16 on ABC. Until then, ET has you covered for the entire Katie season of High school with summaries, interviews and exclusives. Take a look at all of our Bachelorette party coverage for the latter.