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“Bachelor in Paradise”: Pieper Asks Brendan on a Date as Natasha Fumes in Sneak Peek Clip (Exclusive)


Pieper is there, and she or he brings the drama together with her. In an unique clip from Monday’s episode of Baccalaureate in paradise, Pieper arrives, a lot to Brendan’s pleasure and Natasha’s dismay.

Earlier than Pieper stepped onto the seaside, rumors circulated about his pre-Paradise involvement with Brendan. Whereas Brendan assured Natasha that issues had been “relaxed” with Matt James’ ex, the earlier lady begins to doubt his sincerity when the latter arrives.

“I think Brendan is definitely sweating right now. Pieper is coming and it looks like Natasha is going to rip his head off,” feedback Ivan, as Natasha walks over to the seaside, eliciting a smile from Brendan.

As Natasha watches Brendan and Pieper kiss, she says in a confessional, “Two or three weeks ago there was a big rumor that Brendan and Pieper were dating. Brendan and I had a conversation at this. subject. He said it was laid back, and I believed him. “

Deandra then intervenes, speculating that Natasha have to be feeling “somehow mean” after getting Brendan’s assurance that issues weren’t critical with Pieper.

“Building something with Brendan and then watching someone who could potentially have a relationship with Brendan outside of Paradise come in, I’m sure she was crushed,” Deandra mentioned.

Pieper solely focuses on Brendan, nevertheless. As she reads her date card and will get Natasha’s eye roll, Brendan anxiously waits to see who Pieper invitations to her date.

When requested by the cardboard to “pick someone you feel a spark with”, Pieper instantly asks Brendan to affix her. “From the start?” he replies with amusing.

Followers must watch for Monday’s episode of BEEP to see if Brendan accepts his provide.

Baccalaureate in paradise will air two episodes subsequent week, Monday September 6 and Tuesday September 7 on ABC. Take a look at all of ET’s protection for the newest seaside drama.