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“Bachelor in Paradise”: Pieper and Brendan speak out after causing drama on the beach


Pieper James and Brendan Morais converse. The 2 fashions every took to their Instagram tales to handle the controversy that surrounded them throughout Monday night time’s episode of Baccalaureate in paradise.

Pieper arrived on the seaside with the only function of specializing in Brendan, with whom she was linked earlier than Heaven. Whereas Brendan assured Natasha Parker, his BEEP love, that issues had been “laid back” with Pieper earlier than arriving in Mexico, that story fell aside when Pieper confirmed up.

“Just a little reminder that reality TV isn’t real,” Pieper wrote in his submit. “An edited, produced and reduce program isn’t going to point out you every thing that has been stated and carried out. An edited and produced program can not present you conversations that happened earlier than the shoot with pals.”

Brendan began his article by writing that he had “realized I used to be incorrect on so many various ranges”.

“Most importantly, I apologize to you Natasha. I hurt you. I am deeply sorry I did,” he wrote. “I understand that the damage is already done and all I can do in the future is acknowledge the error of my ways. For those of you who felt that my actions triggered certain feelings and emotions, I am very sorry. “

Brendan Morais
Instagram / Brendan Morais

Ahead of the episode airing on Monday, Pieper and Brendan took to Instagram to look into their roles as apparent villains, an action Natasha called by retweet a message who criticized the pair for their “disrespect”.

For his part, Brendan shared a shirtless pool selfie, which he captioned, “here for the wrong reasons.” He has since deleted the message.

“I deleted my last post from my thread,” he defined. “I posted it earlier than the episode aired and had no thought how a lot hurt I induced. My method to quite a lot of issues in life is sarcasm. On this case, in concerning my message, I used to be fully unresponsive. “

In the meantime, Pieper danced to Lizzo’s observe, “Rumors,” on his Instagram Story, and wrote “all is fair in love and war” in a submit on his Information Feed.

“I laugh at this show because it’s a light show,” Pieper wrote. “I don’t believe in pitting women against each other. I don’t believe in men being prizes to be won at the expense of someone’s feelings. I believe in open communication to get answers, not in name calling on the Internet. “

Concluding their post-show statements, Pieper as soon as once more wrote in regards to the present’s reduce, whereas Brendan requested folks accountable him for the Pieper scenario.

“At the end of the day, it’s a TV show,” Pieper wrote. “We viewers see what makes the most effective TV, similar to any present. And the folks [sic] what we’ve got here’s a very profitable present. “

“Despite the fact that Pieper and I had some misunderstandings on our way to Heaven (and I can’t stress this enough) – If you feel the need to express contempt for the situation, please do it at my expense. I’m completely at fault, “Brendan wrote, before promising that” a full statement and an apology will follow. “

Pieper James
Instagram / Pieper James

Upon arriving in Heaven, Pieper was quick to ask Brendan on a date without speaking to other men – something Natasha found “fishy” – and the couple’s plans for Heaven were quickly revealed. .

“There are certain things that had to be done and certain ways that I had to navigate to get us to this particular moment,” Brendan informed Pieper on their date, alluding to his time with Natasha. “I am unable to have a girlfriend happening this journey… it is simply not fairly. So if I say to everybody, ‘Pieper might come, then nobody is speaking to me’, I might simply be sitting down. , sunbathing, and what would occur if I got here house And then you definately can be right here [without me]. So I used to be navigating this in a means that probably hopefully permits myself to be right here whilst you’re right here. “

Pieper responded by thanking Brendan for “playing the game.”

“Trust me and trust what we’ve built before this. No matter how you feel at times, the optics can seem weird and awkward… Trust me,” stated Brendan. “We have to support each other. It has to be you and me before anyone else … enjoying what Heaven would foster together.”

Pieper then referred to as Brendan a “boyfriend,” as he defended his actions with Natasha by saying that she had “no other prospect” on the seaside.

Natasha referred to as Brendan a “liar,” however he did not appear affected. Actually, Brendan and Pieper ended the episode by discussing their rising variety of social media followers. As of Thursday morning, Brendan misplaced over 85,000 Instagram followers, whereas Pieper misplaced over 8,000.

Baccalaureate in paradise‘s The second episode of the week will air Tuesday, September 7 on ABC. Try all of ET’s protection for the most recent seaside drama.