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Baby on the way! Andy Benavides announced that she is pregnant for the fourth time

The influencer from Monterrey shared a tender moment with her three daughters when announcing the arrival of a new baby.

After having been in the eye of the storm due to the arrests of her husband and father-in-law, the name of Andy Benavidez has slipped back into the trends of social networks after announcing last Tuesday that She is pregnant for the fourth time.

Among the many advantages and disadvantages of being a public figure, it is difficult for influencers and media personalities to keep matters of their personal life private, however, since their inception in social networks, Andy Benavides has liked to share with his followers and fans each detail of his life so that event could not run out of a space in your profile Instagram.

That was how, through a moving video, the Monterrey native shared that she and her husband Octavio Lealbetter known as Tavo, are expecting their fourth child. In the recording, which took place on a beach in Texas, United States, you can see how the influencer showed her three little girls a photograph of her ultrasound, while they were excited about the news.

The influencer from Monterrey is the mother of three little girls (Photo: Instagram / @andybenavidesm)

Andy Benavides is the mother of three little girls named Alía, Aria and Andy; the girls were excited about the new pregnancy of her mother who also detailed through her stories of Instagram that expect your baby to arrive in early March next year so it can be assumed that so far it has between two and three months of gestation.

In recent years, Andy Benavidez She has established herself as one of the most popular and beloved influencers in the state of Nuevo León and northern Mexico, which is why the announcement of her new pregnancy excited a large part of the 1.3 million followers that he accumulates in his account Instagram, However, among the thousands of messages of love and congratulations, those who questioned the influencer’s motherhood also stood out, evoking events from her past.

Users on social networks have criticized and questioned Andy Benavides' motherhood (Photo: @andybenavides/Instagram)
Users on social networks have criticized and questioned Andy Benavides’ motherhood (Photo: @andybenavides/Instagram)

And it is that it had previously been rumored that Andy Benavides’s husband had undergone a vasectomy after the birth of their third daughter, however, this information was never confirmed by the marriage but it has been used to question their facet as parents, as well as the criticism that rained down on the influencer after it was revealed that she painted her little girls’ hair despite their young age.

“Andy Benavides is going for the fourth goey son. Rich people rarely solve their problems”, “I urge someone to tell Andy Benavides that she cannot get pregnant every time her views go down”, “Wow, what did you ask* with Andy Benavides? Just a month ago her husband was in jail for having tried to kill her lover and right now she comes out saying she’s pregnant wtfffff how ugly to be famous and have to fake a perfect life for having to please your followers”, “If God wants to take me and reincarnate in the new baby of Andy Benavides I am ready”, were some of the reactions of users on social networks.

The Octavio Leal Cavazos scandal

Andy Benavides' husband was arrested at the beginning of July (Photo: SSP)
Andy Benavides’ husband was arrested at the beginning of July (Photo: SSP)

Speculation and negative comments from Internet users towards the couple from Monterrey come after they were involved in a scandal at the beginning of July after the darrest of Octavio Leal Cavazos.

According to police reports, Andy Benavides’ husband, Tavo, was arrested outside a hospital parking lot in the San Pedro Garza García municipality after allegedly assaulted and threatened a local plastic surgeon.

At the time of “Tavo” Leal’s arrest, multiple objects were seized, among which a electric shock devicea wooden stick, a knifea black scarf and a wallet containing cash and cards.

That same day also highlighted the arrest of Andy Benavides’ father-in-law, Octavio Leal Moncadawho was wanted by elements of the Tamaulipas State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) for his alleged responsibility in the murder of two people in an ejido in the municipality of Hidalgo. The father of “Tavo” also known as “El Tarzán” had been identified as the leader of the self-defense group known as General Pedro José Méndez Armed Column.


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