Babara de Regil gave her mother a tremendous headbutt (video)

Mexico.- Barbara de razil He again gave something to talk about and after a video that he shared on his social network, the criticism has made him non-stop.

Did you kill your mother

Through her Instagram stories, the actress shared a Video In which you can see how he tilts his mother’s headAs expected, it went viral on Twitter and other networks.

Model also in controversial clip Poses with mommy, as if to take a photo When unexpectedly Put off with his head. His mother reacted, To which Regil responds “You gave me first.”

work Barbara killed her mother a lot And caused criticism and similar memes.

“I really care for him”

behind There was a lot of criticism That the protagonist of “Rosario Tijares” has been decided to talk about what happened in a video that he also shared on Instagram.

Started by giving a reference to Barbara Her type relationship with her mother. From there he began to explain that if he did anything with his mother, he had to be pampered. This in response to a question from a user who asked if it was true Beat your mother.

The actress explained, “I really care for him a lot. We get very heavy; he throws eggs at my head, he gives me flour, I give him cocada, but it’s years ago.”

Some time ago, he also posted an Instagram story His mother is shown giving him a head butt, However with lower intensity when recording video.

Barbara continued to defend her mother’s good relationship with her and her mother’s dancing videos, to which she added that they had always been heavy.

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