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Azul Guaita and Andrea Chaparro, protagonists of Rebelde and super fans

Protagonistas de Rebelde

It is Azul Guaita and Andrea Chaparro who went from fans to protagonists of the Netflix series “Rebelde”.

MEXICO.- Azul Guaita and Andrea Chaparro, You are two of the protagonists of rebel, the new Netflix series, based on a 2004 production by Televisa and directed by Pedro Damián.

After the premiere of it new production, Since the girls, the young women have attracted the attention of followers of the soap opera with Anahi, Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Alfonso Herrera and Christopher Uckermann They weren’t fans anymore from melodrama to Star actresses from one of your favorite youth stories.

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Azul Guaita and Andrea Chaparro from fans to protagonists of Rebelde

So much Azul Guaita as Andrea Chaparro responsible for sharing content on social networks in which you have shown that as girls they were “rebels”, they watched the novel and listened to RBD’s music.

The “proof” that always dreamed of being part of this project, generated empathy among followers of the 2004 production, who said they both deserved to be on this one make new this has generated divided opinions.

Did Azul Guaita dream of being “Mia Colucci”?

For his part Guaita blue caused tenderness by sharing a picture on his Instagram suspected of taking a picture with the popular ‘Mia Colucci’, Role he played Anahi and that one fondly remembers one’s performance to this day.

In the picture Guaita blue As a little girl she poses next to ‘Mine’. It is also noticeable in the photo that the current actress from Netflix’s “rebel” She wears an outfit very similar to that of the queen of Elite way school.

Andrea Chaparro Fan of Rebelde since childhood

For his part, Andrea Chaparro, Daughter of the actor and comedian Omar ChaparroAfter the premiere of the series, he published an interview on his TikTok account that his father had conducted with RBD many years ago, in which Omar points out that his daughter (Andrea) knew the group’s songs when he was only three years old.

“I’m surprised, my three-year-old girl is already singing and you can tell the success is there,” says Omar Chaparro in the video shared by his daughter.

As if that wasn’t enough, the comedian congratulated his daughter on the day of the series premiere and emphasized that she was one of the protagonists of the new version: “Today she is one of the protagonists of the Rebelde series, the premiere on Netflix Fly high my lentil, I wish you all the luck and success in the world. “

It is worth noting that the young woman gives life María José, known as MJ, He is from California and finds an outlet for his problems in music. While Guaita blue plays Jana Cohen, daughter of ‘Pilar Gandía’, Character who appeared on the soap opera in 2004 and was the headmaster’s daughter.

Netflix’s Rebel confirms its second season

Less than a week after the premiere, the cast of Netflix rebel Confirmed its second season.

The main characters of the new Rebelde series announced that there would be a second edition through a live broadcast on the YouTube channel Netflix Latin America, but it is not yet known when the new season will be available on the streaming platform .

“We’ll have a second season,” he announced Franco Masini Rebelde’s main character almost at the end of the livestream special.

Netflix rebel reveals new member

For his second season, Netflix rebel will have new memberwho is nothing less than the Mexican singer Saak.

“Maybe we will spoiler someone who will be part of the family Saak is here for the next season“announced Andrea Chaparro, while the singer affirmed that the second season of Rebelde it will be more exciting.

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