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Axl Rose is criticized after show in Brazil; users compare it to Mickey Mouse

The rock band Guns n’ Roses performed at the festival Rock in Rio 2022 where he shared the stage with other artists such as Green Day, Dua Lipa and Coldplay.

Thousands of attendees enjoyed several days of music in which Guns n’ Roses was one of the most anticipated acts, however, the public and users on social networks criticized the voice of vocalist Axl Rose.

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Axl Rose and his voice during Rock In Rio

Guns n Roses was presented last September 8th with a show of approximately 3 hours in which they played their greatest hits such as Welcome To The Jungle Y Paradise Cityhowever, the voice of the 60-year-old vocalist left a lot to be desired among festival goers, who even compared him to the Disney mascot Mickey Mouse.

The voice of the American vocalist looked worn and without the power that characterized it a few years ago, which is to be expected due to Axl Rose’s age, however, the vocalist commented on the situation through a tweet, adding that it was something more.

Guns n’ Roses singer apologized by the state of his voiceadding that it is all because he is sick and that despite everything he made an effort to give the best possible show.

“I want to apologize for being a little sick, luckily it’s not Covid. I tried to keep my cough between the lines,” he said.

Axl Rose also thanked his fans for their support and added that the audience at that show was great.

“Thanks to the fans and Rock In Rio for everything, that I post so f*cking amazing,” he said.

Despite the statements, users shared a large number of memes and comments about it.

“Axl mouse but still legendary as always” said one user


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