Home Entertainment Axel Fiks, the 2022 Lollapalooza artist who conquers centennials with heartbreak songs

Axel Fiks, the 2022 Lollapalooza artist who conquers centennials with heartbreak songs

Axel Fiks, the 2022 Lollapalooza artist who conquers centennials with heartbreak songs

At the age of 4 he wanted to be a drummer, he dreamed of being a musician and filling stadiums. The same gifts always arrived for Christmas. A keyboard, a guitar, an instrument. The Sensitivity and Desire of Axel Fiks (23) germinated between poems, heartbreak and beats.

At the Esnaola school, a bachelor by day and afternoon, a music conservatory, he gave his first grades. There he immersed himself with electronics, punk and the fury of Metal. Every expression of rebellion perfectly combined with his ‘I rocker’ Teen.

Over time, the metallic storm began to channel and take new directions that led him to explore the world of soul, R&B and fine chords, also beats. There his new universe flourished, with guitar in hand.

Touring lover

Axel Fiks is on his first tour of the country with his first album, Modern Lover. “It is a transition from a person who loves in his adolescence to a slightly more mature love, but with a kind of growth of introspection,” he defines.

Axel Fiks Presents Modern Lover On His First Tour Of The Country.  Photo: Fausto Elizalde, Courtesy Silvana Gomez Caje.

Axel Fiks presents Modern Lover on his first tour of the country. Photo: Fausto Elizalde, Courtesy Silvana Gomez Caje.

He sings the binomial of love and heartbreak, deconstruction and loneliness. Visceral, primitive and authentic emotions. Everything Fiks sings is self-referential and real. Therein lies the foundation of your success.

The value of transparency

“I think that the people who listen to me feel identified with my lyrics because they are very transparent, they do not have a value judgment on the part of the narrator. I am like that ”, explains Axel Fiks.

– How does your creative process take place?

– To compose, I take a chord progression that I like and repeat it until I find a melody that fits and only then do I start writing the lyrics. Sometimes I do the other way around, I music poems that I have. Astrology seems to me to be a great tool for writing and for inspiration, but I’m not taking it with a grain of salt either.

– How was that passage from something as heavy as Metal to something calmer like what you do now?

– That passage of music from so heavy to so calm, was when I started making beats and I discovered a producer called J Dilla who was sampling old songs, from the 60’s, 50’s of soul and created a very sweet sound.

So, through him I listened to these artists and I discovered that whole world of soul, of fine chords, and the transition was there. I discovered another world when I discovered Chet Baker and Miles Davis.

– What are your main references?

– The greatest of all since I started was always Prince, from the musical to his lyrics, I think he was also very rubbery. Then the Beatles. When I discovered them I went crazy; to compose, they are the best. Bob Dylan also in Chet Baker, he drives me crazy, he drives me crazy.

Axel Fiks, The Centennial Artist Who Sings Of Heartbreak And Captivates Hundreds Of Young People.  Photo: Fausto Elizalde, Courtesy Silvana Gomez Caje.

Axel Fiks, the centennial artist who sings of heartbreak and captivates hundreds of young people. Photo: Fausto Elizalde, Courtesy Silvana Gomez Caje.

Presentation with guests

– On December 3 you will be presenting Modern Lover in Niceto. What can you tell us about?

– At the Niceto show there will be guests, there will be a very strong wave. I cannot advance much more. There are going to be surprises. I am very excited about that show.

– What does it mean for you to be part of festivals like Lollapalooza or the Cosquin Rock?

– Being in those festivals is a heap, because it somehow confirms that you reached the ears of the people who had to arrive. It gives you a certain veracity because it means that you generated something to get there and it is a beautiful opportunity to reach more people who perhaps do not know me yet.

Axel Fiks, An Artist Who Captivates Young People With The Lyrics Of His Songs.  Photo: Fausto Elizalde, Courtesy Silvana Gomez Caje.

Axel Fiks, an artist who captivates young people with the lyrics of his songs. Photo: Fausto Elizalde, Courtesy Silvana Gomez Caje.

– There are times when things get complicated sometimes. Who is your push? Who do you owe that claw to keep going?

– My musical, personal and work support was always my old woman. He was always the person who trusted me from the ground up. The one who told me: ‘Study, grab the guitar and compose. Don’t be afraid to show this topic ‘. It was always her and still is to this day. So I think if in a moment I get frustrated, she will be there to hug me.

– What is your greatest ambition?

– And one of my big dreams is be playing stadiums for many people who sing my songs in unison. Touring around the world with my music. I’d like to do a movie soundtrack too. It would be incredible. Let them sing a song of mine on the court. My dream is not to stagnate, not to stop writing and recording or composing.


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