Austin Butler Says Lisa Marie Presley’s Reaction to ‘Elvis’ Movie ‘Bruth Me Two Tears’

Austin Butler is receiving a lot of praise for his role as Elvis Presley. Butler plays the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the upcoming June biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann. Not only did critics praise the performance, the 30-year-old actor has received good reviews from Elvis’ ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, and daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

in an interview with new York TimesButler revealed that Lisa Marie’s positive response “brought me to tears.”

“I want everyone to love the movie, but I’ve really felt pressure to do justice to Elvis,” Butler said in the interview. Earlier this month, Lisa Marie took to Instagram to share her thoughts about the film. After months away from the stage, Elvis and Priscilla’s daughter wrote a touching post after screening the film twice in private.

In a post on Instagram, Lisa Marie called the film “no less than spectacular” and “absolutely perfect.”

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“Austin Butler beautifully transcended and embodied the heart and soul of my father,” he wrote next to a photo of the film’s promotional poster. “In my humble opinion, his performance is phenomenal and the ending is precisely and respectfully done. (If he doesn’t get an Oscar for it, I’ll eat my leg myself, haha.) You can see Baz’s pure love, caring in this beautiful film. And can feel and see the respect I have for my father, and in the end it’s something I do myself. And my kids and their kids can be proud of forever.”

Lisa Marie wrote that seeing her children’s reaction to the film brought tears to her eyes. The singer also shared that she was sad that her son Benjamin Keough was not alive to see the film.

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“It breaks my heart that my son isn’t here to see it. He must have absolutely loved it too. I can’t tell you how much I love this film and I hope you enjoy it too.” Pratibha adds to your love and respect for my father and this project is so beautiful and inspiring. I know I’m repetitive but I don’t care, for setting the record straight in such a deep and artistic way Thank you for that. Love you~ LMP.”

Prior to Lisa Marie, Priscilla – who was married to Elvis from 1967–1973 – praised Butler for her “outstanding performance”. Priscilla also joined Butler — in coordination with the Prada outfits — during the 2022 Met Gala.

In a recent interview GQButler opened up about how much dedication and work he put into playing the late musician, which led to his post-production body closure.

“My body started to take off the day after I finished Elvis,” Austin explained to GQ. “The next day I woke up at four in the morning with unbearable pain and was taken to the hospital.” As for the diagnosis, the actor says he suffered from a virus that simulates appendicitis and eventually ended up spending an entire week in bed.

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