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Austin Butler Addresses Why He Still Has an Elvis Presley Accent (Exclusive)

Austin Butler is finally getting to the bottom of the internet’s obsession with his “Elvis Voice.” Over the weekend, ET spoke with the 30-year-old actor, who plays the King of Rock and Roll in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann-biopic. elvisAnd he shared why he can’t move his voice.

“At this point, I keep asking people, ‘Is this my voice?’ Because it feels like the real me… it’s one of those things where certain things trigger it and other times, I don’t even know,” Butler told ET’s Nichelle Turner. “When you’ve lived with something for two years, and you don’t do anything else, I feel like you can’t help it. It becomes a fiber of your existence.”

In addition to singing and speaking like the iconic musician, Butler had to move his hips during some of the film’s big numbers—the actor said he “had to work hard.”

“The thing with them is that they weren’t tricks, they were coming out of the spirit of the music,” he shared. “So, for me, it was about finding the spirit of the music, pushing me that way. It was really fun. It was liberating.”

When it comes to King’s physicality, Butler notes that the hardest part was involving the real person, not his thoughts—and his quirks—that were created by the world.

Butler said, “There’s a lot of stuff that’s become these caricatures, so even talking about him twirling his lips isn’t something we like. Think he did.” “He’ll do it for a picture.”

“It was figuring out how subtle you can go with things and still be abstract. It was constant back and forth, and it’s the tricky thing, going back and forth between incredibly technical things and then letting humanity down.” Never lose,” he said. “Like, that was the goal, always keep his spirit there.”

Butler was well aware that he had large blue suede boots on him while playing the role, which shook him. “The thing that bothered me was, Elvis was so loved and so iconic, you feel a responsibility to play any human who really lives, but with him it’s like, it’s a weight like I’ve had before. Never felt that,” he said.

“And there is a responsibility to his family and also to put his story in context. That’s it. There were so many misconceptions about him, so many thoughts about him. So I felt a responsibility to bring humanity,” he shared.

Butler also noted another thing about the music icon, which helped her get over a bit of stage fright during filming.

“The fact that I knew he experienced stage fright was a great relief, ’cause I knew in those moments, I was scared, but he felt scared, so there’s nothing like that. Which you don’t need to feel to do things you believe in,” he said. “So that was beautiful.”

elvis Hits theaters on June 24.

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