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Attacks are raining down on him! Chicharito ‘rejects’ a child when he asks for a photo (VIDEO)

Chicharito rejects a child: It is not the first controversy in the life of ‘El Chicharito’

What bothered the LA Galaxy player the most was the attitude with which he was from the beginning, since he was angry from the first moments he got off the truck in which he was transporting. Many Internet users say that what he did was take it out on the people who were there.

This is not the first time that Javier ‘El Chicharito’ Hernández has been in controversy, since before, it has been rumored that the Mexican soccer player does not pay attention to his children. A few months ago, Javier spoke exclusively with Jorge Ramos for VIX, where he assured that he was in depression after his separation from Sarah Kohan. “Many people have said and spoken that I am a bad father when they have no idea. These two years I have experienced a lot of pain. When my children grow up they will know things, they will have context and I will make many things worthwhile that I have not been able to do with them right now, ”he told Jorge Ramos in said interview. (WATCH VIDEO) Filed Under: Chicharito rejects child

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