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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Attacks are raining down on him! Chicharito ‘rejects’ a child when he asks for a photo (VIDEO)

They blame their coach, they say they ‘enlarge it’

“His coach only raises his ego by telling him that he is the only one who matters, that’s why he doesn’t even pay attention to his children… but they continue to idolize him as if he were the great soccer player”, they have also said that people should not to idolize players like that, because these things are more likely to happen.

“Old ridiculous”, “People are to blame for enlarging them. Ignore them and you will see what they are like, the ones who look for people to give them photos and autographs”, “And these are the idols of the people…cancel this clown please”, “Not even Messi does those things anymore and look what there is a world of difference”, “Poor child! Who knows how long I waited to take a picture with him and that’s how he received it”, “How arrogant! he despised that poor child”, among many others… CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Filed Under: Chicharito rejects child

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