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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Attacks are raining down on him! Chicharito ‘rejects’ a child when he asks for a photo (VIDEO)

Chicharito rejects a child: It rains ‘hate’ the footballer

Chicharito rejects child

Many people have been commenting on Javier Hernandez’s behavior, saying that a true idol doesn’t behave that way. Others think that people are to blame for ‘idolizing’ people who behave like the Mexican soccer player.

In addition, Chicharito was also criticized because in the video he expresses himself with words in English, as Internet users assure that he is more Mexican than anything. “Don’t suck and in English speaking. It’s ‘nopaludo’ than anything”. “What can we expect from someone who doesn’t even see his children,” said another user. Filed Under: Chicharito rejects child

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