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Attacks are raining down on him! Chicharito ‘rejects’ a child when he asks for a photo (VIDEO)

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  • They capture the Mexican soccer player making a tremendous ‘snub’ to a child
  • Internet users call Chicharito Hernández ‘the worst’
  • The controversies in the life of the LA Galaxy player

Chicharito rejects the child. The 34-year-old Mexican soccer player is known for being a star figure in Mexico. Chicharito Hernández stole people’s hearts from his first debut in soccer. But unfortunately, the forward in the Los Angeles Galaxy of the Major has been involved in controversy after controversy.

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández was caught on camera yesterday, making a terrible snub not only to a child who wanted a photograph with him, but also asked the people who were in that place not to bother him , that was how things happened.

They catch ‘Chicharito’ rejecting a child

Chicharito rejects child

In the images shared by the Instagram account of the entertainment journalist ‘Chamonic’you can see a video where the 34-year-old soccer player “rejects” a child when he approaches him to ask for a photograph, the little one hoping to meet his idol.

The behavior of “Chicharito” unleashed all kinds of criticism from Internet users, who do not lower it as “grown up”. “Despising a child, what happened to the guy? But his attitude shouldn’t surprise me, if he doesn’t peel his children, what can you expect?” Chamonic said. Filed Under: Chicharito rejects child

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