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At what time and when does ‘Where there was fire’, a new series by Eduardo Capetillo, premiere?

Edward Capetillo is back but this time on Netflix, the platform on which ‘Where There Was Fire’ will premiere, a telenovela in which the famous Mexican actor will participate with his son, Eduardo Capetillo Gaytan.

Since 2013, the actor did not take a project for television (The other face of the Soul) and it was in 2021 when the proposal came from Netflixagreed and traveled back to the country to appear again on the small screen.

What is ‘Where There Was Fire’ about?

According to the synopsis of Netflix “Poncho finds the body of his brother and, following the clues of the crime, he reaches a team of firefighters in a neighborhood of CdMx. With a false identity, he gets a job at the central station and meets Olivia, a teammate and the only person who will discover his secret and help him get to the truth. At the same time, Ricardo, an ex-con, returns to find his son, who is unaware of his existence.”

Where there was fire: cast led by Eduardo Capetillo and Itatí Cantoral

Edward Capetillo shares cast with Itatí Cantoral, Ivan Amozurrutia, Esmeralda Pimentel, Pol Morin, Antonio Sotillo, Daniel Gama, Humberto Busto, Giovanna Reynaud, Plutarch Haza, Ana Jimena Villanueva, Tamara Mazarrasa, Nahuel Escobar and Rebecca Herrera.

Also, this will mark the first appearancetion of Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán, son of the famous actor: “I am proud that he allows us to live this opportunity, very enthusiastic. As I discussed with my colleagues: we already did what we had to do; Whether you like it or not, it is no longer in our hands from this moment on, but as Chascas (producer of the novel) rightly said: when you see the work you did and what I was able to do together with my son, you full of pride,” said Eduardo Capetillo in an interview for MILLENNIUM.

At what time and when does Where there was fire premiere?

Where There Was Fire will be available through Netflix from Wednesday, August 17 at 2:00 a.m. Mexico City time.


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