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Saturday, October 1, 2022

AT LAST! Pepe Aguilar breaks the silence about the relationship between his daughter, Ángela, and Gussy Lau; “It hurted me”

  • Pepe Aguilar speaks for the first time about Ángela’s relationship with Gussy Lau.
  • He assures that it was a painful process but that it affected his daughter more.
  • Reveals what will happen to Gussy Lau after the scandal at his label.

Pepe Aguilar breaks silence. Without a doubt, the talented Ángela Aguilar has become an icon for many of the younger generation of the moment, because in any way she has won the love of the public, but she has also been involved in controversy and for the first time her father speaks of the alleged relationship he had with Gussy Lau.

Let us remember that it was last April that it was made known through the account of ‘poison queen‘ through the platform Instagram a series of photographs in which they revealed Ángela Aguilar’s “alleged romance” with the composer, Gussy Lau, who is 15 years older than her.

The alleged relationship between Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau creates controversy again

Pepe Aguilar breaks silence

The subject of the leaked photographs where Ángela Aguilar was observed in a compromising way with the composer, made all social networks and different media explode in this regard, causing great controversy within the world of entertainment.

For his part, Pepe Aguilar had decided not to speak on the subject, avoiding interviews with some media and even doing everything possible so that the press did not have access to his public presentations that he offered during the time that the problem lasted. Everyone was left wondering how the dynasty’s patriarch reacted and it was recently that he finally revealed it. Filed Under: Pepe Aguilar breaks silence.

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