At just six years old, Dirbez’s daughter “drives” a truck (video)

Aitana Derbez expressed surprise by showing himself driving the bus.

Angel. – Eugenio Derbez Due to great controversy, after he shared a Video In which you see how he gives his daughter So A truck as young as six years old drives a truck.

In the clip, the Mexican comedian is proud that his youngest daughter drives, even mentioning that he had allowed her to take the wheel when he was younger.

“Handle” is a bus like an expert

It was through his YouTube channel, where Eugenio shared the video that was criticized.

The material, titled “Atana at the Wheel”, literally shows the little girl driving the bus. Of course, the girl is with Derbies, who reveals how Aetna learned to drive.

In the clip, with pride and joy, Eugenio is concerned So Started take the wheel When barely He was one and a half years old Old.

He said, “Itanana started driving from the age of one and a half. […] She lets him move the steering wheel a little, but she understands it well […] He says I like to drive, I do it this way, which is a parking lot, where there are none, there are no people and there is nothing more than a pure steering wheel.

It should be noted that in fact Daughter of Eugene And Alessandra Rosaldo simply rotates the wheel.

Derbies took the opportunity to point out that this “teaching” was inherited from his father, Mario Eugenio Agustín Ramón González Sanchez de Tagle, who seated him on his lap and let him spin the wheel.

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