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Arturo Peniche reveals that Alfredo Adame was uncomfortable because of the kiss he gave him in the soap opera

Actors Arthur Peniche Y Laura Flowers They were guests on the show Montse & Joe where they talked about their relationship with Alfred Adame, who in recent years has been involved in multiple controversies for his fights with blows or his statements against other celebrities.

Both Laura Flores and Arturo Peniche pointed out that they maintain a close friendship with Alfredo Adame, with whom they have worked in soap operas and other television programs; however, Peniche recalled that on one occasion the actor was uncomfortable with a kiss he gave her in a scene from a melodrama.

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Arturo Peniche said that during the recording of A que no me dejas he had to kiss Alfredo Adame on the forehead for a scene, but the actor did not like the idea.

I tell him: ‘Hey, dude, I have to give you a kiss on stage’, and he tells me: ‘No, no, no!’, I tell him: ‘yes, net. I have to give you a kiss since you are my best friend and you are about to die in the hospital, I am going to give you a kiss’, (Adame replied): ‘No m*m*s Arturo, no m*m*s’ “.

Faced with Adame’s refusal, Peniche agreed not to give him the aforementioned kiss. However, at the time of recording the scene he surprised him by kissing him on the forehead.

“I told him: ‘Okay, I’m not giving it to you or anything,’ so Alfredo was like this (lying down) on his deathbed, I approached me like a friend and said: ‘No, please… man, how I love you, thanks for all your advice’, I give him a kiss on the forehead, and he’s just like that (groaned)“.

The actor reported that once they finished filming that sequence, Adame was upset and uncomfortable, in addition to claiming him for having kissed him.

“When I left, that is, they cut the scene and the other (Adame): ‘Ch*ng* your m*dr*, I tell him: ‘but I gave you the kiss, c*br*n’. We had a lot of fun” , he added.

Laura Flores confesses that she was a partner of Alfredo Adame

After confusing Arturo Peniche with Alfredo Adame, the actress pointed out that she has an excellent friendship with the former host of TodayHe also expressed that he has a great affection for him, because in the past they were a couple.

“They ask me: ‘and what do you think of the Alfredo Adame scandals?’ and I say: ‘Let’s see, I have nothing to do with that and I’m not going to see them nor did I see them nor will I see them.’ at Christmas and that with me he was always a gentleman and a great companion (…) I defend him tooth and nail, he is a great actor, we were a couple and everything“, said.


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