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Arturo López Gavito tells what it was like to work with Molotov: “We took advantage of the chaos and the Mexican double standards”

Arturo Lopez Gavito He has a lot of experience in the music scene, having worked for record companies such as Warner Music and EMI, as well as being in charge of radio stations such as Best FM and Radioactive.

Another experience that enhances your resume is the work he did with Molotov in the 90s, when he worked at Universal Music, that’s how he remembered it

the current judge The academy on Nayo Escobar’s podcast.

Arturo López Gavito remembers the day he asked Alejandro González Iñárritu for a job: “I offered to polish his shoes”

I had to be an entrepreneur at the time of opening Universal Music in Mexico in 1996. (…) I look back and say: ‘They offered it to me and I took it’, I did well, I signed Moenia, Molotov, we got a whole department of tropical music off the ground. A beautiful adventure!” Said the musical expert.

Then, about his work with the band that recently starred in a controversy with Christian Chávez, he explained: “We made the album of Where will the girls play? with Gustavo Santaolalla and we launched a marketing campaign, and Molotov is today one of the most successful groups. I did that hand in hand with them, also risking myself”.

Gavito pointed out that at that time he faced some difficulties because of Molotov’s songs: “I remember very well that on that occasion Isaac Massry, the manager of Mixup at that moment, he speaks to me and tells me: ‘Arturo, we are not going to sell the Molotov record because it is against the values ​​of society’. I tell him: ‘That sounds great to me, but you’re missing out on sales.’ Two weeks passed and there was no other: Molotov was in the first place of sales for months in Mixup”.

We take advantage of the chaos and the Mexican double standards to be able to carry out a marketing campaign where, if the stores did not want to sell them, we went out to sell the records on the street; the musicians, the sales force, in the Angel with boxes selling Molotov records”, recalled Arturo.

Finally, the expert pointed out that “such an important group needed a gear that could take care of them in order to grow”.

After this stage in Universal Music, Gavito joined The Walt Disney Company Mexico as director of marketing.


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