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Artists who set them on fire on social media

Artists who set them on fire on social media

Roberto “Palo” Pandolfo, leader of Don Cornelio y la Zona y Los Visitores, died this Thursday, July 22 after fainting while walking with Avenida Diaz Vélez, among many other musical projects.

This news shocked the art world. “I’m in shock,” wrote singer Erica Garcia.

Artists, rock musicians and personalities associated with that scene joined with athletes in the network to remember Pandolfo, while mourning his surprising death.

Juan Pablo SorinRivers and Argentina, former players of the Argentine national team, expressed grief over the musician’s physical disappearance and quoted an excerpt from a song: “I will be where the sun rises.”

Mario Pergolini, former vice president of Boca and historical host of radio stations such as Rock & Pop and Vortrix, wrote: “Pay goodbye. Relax, you’re going to see a lot of friends who’ve moved recently. You rest in peace your great music.” can play.”

Fernando Ruiz Diaz also remembered Pandolfo. The Catupeku Machu singer dedicated a post to her on Instagram.

From the official account of Andres Calamaro, on Twitter – managed by his manager Olga – came a musical memory. El salmon y palo, in a video, playing together

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