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Arsenio Puro dies, star of Bought Talent on phase (Images)

  • They ensure the loss of life of the magician
  • What did Arsenio Puro die of?
  • Close friend tells the truth of the matter about the semifinalist of the present

The magician and semifinalist of the renowned demonstrate Obtained Talent in 2019, Arsenio Puro, died at the age of 46, just after a stay effectiveness at an entertainment venue referred to as “Houdini” in Madrid, Spain. He underwent resuscitation maneuvers, but they did not work.

In accordance to the Spanish newspaper The environmentArsenio Puro experienced a coronary heart attack on stage and two officers who ended up in the audience seeing the show, performed resuscitation maneuvers, but they were being not adequate for the magician to survive.

“He fell to the ground”

"He fell round to the ground"

They called an ambulance that arrived at the “Houdini” place and took Arsenio Puro to the healthcare facility, where he was afterwards pronounced lifeless soon after cardiac arrest. He “fell flat on the ground. It is these a funny present that, in the very first times, people today laughed imagining that it was just a further joke, ”said his good friend, the magician Jaque, to El Mundo.

The fellow Acquired Expertise semifinalist reported individuals considered the fade was section of the exhibit. “He died of organic triggers… he was not executing any hazard tricks,” Jaque explained to the quoted media outlet. Arsenio Puro worked for more than 25 a long time in the position wherever he died.

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