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Ariel Awards 2022: They are the nominees for the award

Like every year, the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, AMACC, announced the nominees for the Oscar Awards that will recognize the best of the seventh art in Mexico. In the 2022 edition, among the competing candidates are Tatiana Huezo, a director who has gained great recognition with her film Fire night.

Through Twitter, the AMACC revealed the films and candidates that will seek to be recognized in the 64th edition of the Ariel Awards to be held on October 11. Fire night is the most nominated production with 19, while a police movie Y Impossible things they have 10 each.

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Best Documentary Short Film

  • In the end of the world
  • plain flowers
  • inner freedom
  • call me whore
  • gherkin

Best animated short film

  • Fire
  • It’s raining
  • Mijo has a dinosaur
  • Secretum
  • Uncle

Best fiction short film

  • The longest dream I remember
  • Winter
  • Manchester Acatitla
  • Queen
  • Viral

Best animated feature film

  • A rescue of eggs
  • Best Ibero-American film
  • white cadejo
  • the good boss
  • the fugitive
  • Memory
  • My brothers daydream

Best Documentary Feature

  • Cross
  • Oaxaca California: The Return
  • What happened to the bees?
  • I named you in the silence
  • a police movie

best original music

  • Andrés Sánchez Maher and Gus Reyes (Impossible Things)
  • Davis Mansfield (The Devil Between the Legs)
  • Jacobo Lieberman (Oaxacalifornia: The Return)
  • Kyle Eric Dixon and Michael David Stein (The Hole in the Fence)
  • Leonardo Heiblum and Jacobo Lieberman (Night of Fire)

best wardrobe

  • Abril Álamo (The Black Minutes) Alejandro Caraza (The Goddess of Asphalt)
  • Laura García de la Mora (The devil between the legs)
  • Ursula Schneider (The Hole in the Fence and Night of Fire)

best makeup

  • Alejandro Caraza (The Goddess of asphalt)
  • Itzel Peña (A cop movie)
  • Mari Paz Robles (The Exorcism of Carmen Farías)
  • Roberto Ortiz (The Black Minutes)
  • Roberto Ortiz and Ana Flores (Night of Fire).

best art design

  • Alejandro García and Sandra Flores (The devil between the legs)
  • Diana Saade (Impossible Things)
  • Erika Ávila (The goddess of asphalt)
  • Ivonne Fuentes Mendoza (The Black Minutes)
  • Oscar Tello (Night of Fire)

Best Female Performance

  • Aida López (Mixtec Knot)
  • Eileen Yáñez (Night of Fire)
  • Mabel Cadena (The Goddess of Asphalt)
  • Mayra Battle (Night of Fire)
  • Norma Pablo (Night of Fire)

Best Adapted Screenplay

  • Martín Solares and Mario Muñoz (The Black Minutes)
  • Tatiana Huezo (Night of Fire)

Best Original Screenplay

  • Angeles Cruz (Mixtec Knot)
  • David Gaitán and Alonso Ruizpalacios (A police movie)
  • Joaquín del Paso and Lucy Pawlak (The Hole in the Fence)
  • Jorge Cuchí (50 or 2 whales are found on the beach)
  • Laura Santullo and Rodrigo Plá (The other Tom).

Best Male Co-Acting

  • Andrés Delgado (Impossible Things)
  • Daniel Giménez Cacho (The devil between the legs)
  • Kristyan Ferrer (The Black Minutes)
  • Memo Villegas (Night of Fire)
  • Salvador Garcini (Impossible Things)

best address

  • Alonso Ruizpalacios (A police movie)
  • Angeles Cruz (Mixtec Knot)
  • Arturo Ripstein (The devil between the legs)
  • Ernesto Contreras (Impossible Things)
  • Tatiana Huezo (Night of Fire)

Best film

  • Impossible things
  • the other Tom
  • Fire night
  • Mixtec knot
  • a police movie


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