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Ariana Godoy, the Venezuelan author in Raleigh, whose book has already been made into a film on Netflix

Reaching the specific audience of the Latino community reading stories of romance, self-improvement, and mystery in North Carolina was difficult for Ariana Godoy, but that hasn’t stopped the Raleigh-based Venezuelan writer from finding worldwide success. since Netflix recently adapted to film one of his books. Godoy came to North Carolina seven years ago when she was offered a position teaching Spanish at a Raleigh elementary school. He worked there for the first five years before transferring to a middle school where he taught literature for the last two years, but his love of letters and writing dates back to his childhood.

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Ariana Godoy: the Venezuelan author of Follow my Voice and Through my Window with a Netflix film Although a Netflix film adapted from one of his books, Through my Window, was released this year, Godoy’s began History in letters long ago. Ariana recalls that even when her mother couldn’t read, she would buy her books that came with tapes, which she would listen to. Later he began to read his mother’s books. Around the age of 11, Ariana decided that she too wanted to write stories and take them where she wanted them, which led her to become a writer.

Although there were other platforms and blogs at the time, in 2009 Ariana found Wattpad to be the ideal place to publish her stories and almost a decade later she was contacted on the same platform to adapt her book into a feature film. “Wattpad is an online bookstore where anyone can post. It’s free and I was looking for free stories to read. It was still very beta back in 2009, so it’s really nice to see how it’s grown over a decade,” says Ariana Godoy in an interview with La Noticia. According to the platform itself, there are 90 million users, including five million authors. “In 2020 Wattpad told me there was a producer interested in Through my Window, I was shocked. The story was quite popular on the platform, I think it was one of the most read books. That caught my attention in a way. I never thought it would be Netflix, I said maybe it’s a local channel,” recalls the Venezuelan author. Ariana is aware that adapting a book is difficult and is not always for everyone.

“I say that there is nothing more powerful than our minds and no film, no matter how well made, will live up to expectations. It’s very difficult to please everyone, but I think the movie did very well on Netflix Ariana Godoy. The tape premiered on the streaming platform this February. After this success, Netflix has already planned two more with Ariana. Despite having worked as a teacher for the past seven years, Ariana ended that chapter of her life this September to pursue writing full-time. Check out this post on Instagram Contributed by Ariana Godoy (@ari_godoy) This July, Godoy released his latest book, Follow My Voice:

“It’s a much more personal story because it was like an outlet for everything I’ve been going through with my mental health. I referenced that a lot in the book, it was about letting go of everything. It’s about a girl, Clara, going through very difficult things and telling us what her road to recovery is like,” says the author of the book, which she describes as intimate and personal without spoiling the spoilers. Check out this post Instagram A post shared by Ariana Godoy (@ari_godoy) The Challenge of Reaching Latino Audiences in North Carolina specific audiences of Latino readers in North Carolina, a barrier he hopes to break down soon Way that they say there’s a latino writers meeting in Raleigh, there’s a reading meeting, I haven’t seen that initiative and it would be great for us to see each other and support each other because most people, that I know, Latinas who have so much talent are looking for support and are also looking for support. We need a point where we can all meet,” she says in this context. Locally, her physical books can be found at Barnes & Noble, although Ariana Godoy’s books are also available on Wattpad. How many books has Ariana Godoy published? According to Wattpad, Ariana is the author of eight books on her platform, six of which have already been published in physical form.

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