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Ariana DeBose reacts to the SAG nomination and teases what to expect from her ‘Saturday Night Live’ debut

Ariana DeBose reacts to the SAG nomination and teases what to expect from her 'Saturday Night Live' debut

Ariana DeBose just received her first Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination.

The 30-year-old Puerto Rican-American actress received recognition for her spectacular performance as Anita in Steven Spielberg’s film Westside Story.

“It’s a wild, wild morning, day, week, month! 2022 already, a damn year!” DeBose told ET’s Denny Directo excitedly after the nominations announcements, before opening up about how it feels to be recognized by her peers. “[It’s] overwhelming and wonderful. I’ve been looking at this list of nominees and I’ve been following so many of them for years… I actually watch TNT and the SAG Awards. And that kind of nomination by your union, your colleagues, it’s the most remarkable and meaningful nomination that I think you could get.”

Nominated alongside Caitriona Balfe (Belfast), Cate Blanchett (nightmare alley), Kirsten Dunst (The power of the dog) and Ruth Negga (pass), DeBose expressed, “You’re all wonderful… To be recognized by your fellow actors, that’s very special.”

“I was good at doing the job! I never thought in a million years that Steven Spielberg would call me to offer me a gig,” she recalled. “I was in a nail salon with foils. It was one thing. I didn’t think that would happen and I certainly didn’t think I would ever play Anita this way. And been able to do that, got the work and got it, I don’t know, I’m really blown away by it. I got way more than I expected and that’s a gift.

A SAG nomination isn’t the only honor she’s received recently. the So you think you can dance Alum also won a Golden Globe for the Westside Story Rolle — another moment she called “surreal.”

“I stretched in my sweaty gym clothes. I had just gotten back from the gym and they called and they said, ‘You just won a Globe,’ and I said, ‘Oh!'” she shared. “It’s surreal. it’s wild I’m never going to be ‘Golden Globe winner Ariana DeBose’ now, you know? I thought it was really cool that I got to be ‘Tony-nominated Ariana DeBose,’ and it’s just wild because I don’t really win things. I never really do anything other than an ice cream dance competition, that’s the only thing I do ever really have [won].”

Ticking off win after win, bucket list moment after bucket list moment, DeBose is also gearing up to host the upcoming episode of Saturday night live.

“I just wanted to be on the show, so SNL was on my bucket list. I was walking down 48th Street like five years ago and I was like, ‘That would be fun to be there Saturday night live one day,” she recalled. “But I didn’t think it would come so quickly.”

the prom Star is ready to take over Studio 8H and admits that while she’s “pretty scared,” “the cast was wonderful and it was a really fun process.”

“I still have no idea what I’m doing and I probably won’t know until we go live so it’s going to be a surprise for me and you,” she quipped.

Saturday night live returns on January 15 with Debose as host and newly announced musical guest Bleachers, replacing previously announced artist Roddy Ricch.

The 2022 SAG Awards will air Sunday, February 27 and be streamed live on TNT and TBS at 5:00 p.m. PT/8:00 p.m. ET.


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