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Ari Telch sent a message against the exposure of the disease with which Mónica Dossetti lives

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On July 11, a video went viral in which, presumably, Mónica Dossetti’s brother is seen trying to suffocate her, for seven years very little was known about her life, since retired at age 49 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The publication of the video unleashed all kinds of opinions, while there were those who showed indignation and empathy, there were those who began to talk about the actress’s illness without respect.

This is why in conversation with come the joythe actor Ari Telch showed his solidarity with Mónica Dossetti and asked for caution when talking about the suffering of other people:

“Blessed be God, there is a way forward, do not judge, do not stigmatize, something can be done, the people close to them have to do something, do you need help? Do you need the help of a doctor? you need the help of a psychologist afterwards ”, he mentioned, it should be remembered that Ari Telch lives with bipolarity, so he said he understands what it is like to be in the place of someone with an illness.


Who is Monica Dossetti

Monica Dossetti She was one of the most recognized actresses in the 90s, when she was part of the cast of some soap operas like Start over either The Grand Prize. However, she was forgotten after he decided to retire from the show seven years ago.

Dossetti was born on July 10, 1966, but his name began to gain relevance until 1992, when he joined the cast of grandpa and me, where she played the role of Mirna. In this production she worked alongside Gael Garcia Y Ludwika Paletteas well as Jorge Martinez de Hoyos Y Adalbert Martinez springs.

Ari Telch remembered his brother Jacobo Grinberg

It was in 1997 when the Mexican scientific scholar and neurophysiologist Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum disappeared without a trace at the age of 47 and in strange circumstances that to date have not been clarified by the authorities.

Jacobo Grinberg highlighted with his postulates of the Syntergic Theory that among other issues, he addressed an extrasensory human power that supposedly allows vibrations and images to be perceived through the hands.

The UNAM graduate researcher, who focused on studying Mexican shamanism and the scope of the human mind, simply no longer contacted his family and friends, leaving a halo of mystery in his disappearance that has given rise to multiple assumptions.


Some affirm that the professor was the object of an alleged alien abductionthere are those who theorize that Jacobo was the victim of a crime of passion, while others argue that suffered a CIA kidnappingas Grinberg is said to have been on the verge of concluding a seminal investigation into the human mind, telekinesis, and telepathic communication.

The truth is that a concrete conclusion was not reached, so Mexican police decided to close the investigation several years ago. Given this, his family and friends have had to resign themselves to living on the memory of the scientist and leaving the subject behind.

Few know that the disappeared shamanist was -or is- brother of actor Ari Telchfamous for his performances in the telenovela Woman’s look and in the play D’Mindwho recently spoke on the subject.

“He was my brother, we talked about science, about personal things. I accompanied him to the university since he was a childHe took me to the labs, I learned a lot and he kept my curiosity alive. I also had the pleasure of being in his master’s degrees and talks, so what can I tell you, it was a very beautiful relationship because he was my brother, “said Telch in an interview for collective culture.


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